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Bless Unleashed Money Making Guide: Fastest Way to get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds & Gold

There are so many types of currencies, each with its own purpose. Except for two main important currencies (Gold & Star Seed), Artifact Core, Artifact Shard, Soul Crystal, Victory Token, Warrior’s Talent, Sentinel Credit, Artisan Credit & Court Credit are included! To help you fully get familiar with these two essential BU currency, we list the use of them and useful ways to farm Bless Unleashed Star Seeds and Gold for free!

What is the use of Bless Unleashed Gold?

Bless Unleashed Gold is a common currency issued by the Federation and the basic currency of the world of Lumios. There are many uses of this kind of currency, you can use them to purchase Bless Unleashed Items, including weapons, equipment, potions, and mounts. You can also use them to enhance equipment, telepost, dye items & create a guild!

How to get Bless Unleashed Gold?

First of all, the easiest way to earn gold is by doing regional quests. So I think anything within 1 of your level will yield the best amounts over time. Rift groups can also be a way to farm gold since it is meta right now. Defeat monsters can also reward you gold! And except for these tips, you can also sell items to merchants to exchange for BU Gold!

What is the use of Bless Unleashed Star Seeds?

Bless Unleashed Star Seed is an ancient Elven currency that is highly valuable due to the magic this currency contains, which is used to purchase items from the Marketplace, self revives, weapon enhancements, upgrades and more! And by taking Star Seed moments before dying, you’ll be instantly revived back to full strength once your health bar reaches zero. Another notable use of Star Seeds is that you can use them in Teleposts everywhere in the game world. This makes the time from point A to point B easier, because you no longer need to trek through harsh environments in order to reach a certain city or outpost. Finally, players can use Star Seeds to redeem summoning tickets, repair tools, and upgraded stones from a limited-time merchant.

How to get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds?

If you have enough BU Gold in your inventory, the easiest way to get BU Star Seed is by exchanging the gold for Starseed! You can only trade gold for starseed at a NPC called “Olvera”, found in Carzacor. Depending on your account level, there are different limitations on how many times you can exchange Star Seeds per day. For example, you can only convert 1500 Gold for 1000 Starseeds at level 5, while you can convert 56,500 Gold for 11,000 Starseeds at level 26! In this method, the most important thing you need to focus is clearly leveling up as that increases both the amount of daily seeds you can get from exchange and the quality of random drops you can sell.

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Secondly, you can sell some items on the marketplace to exchange some BU Star Seed. You can sell some items for a good price, such as gear and loot boxes from bosses, Luminos Root, Dawn Fern and more! Or, you can buy low and sell high at Auction House! This way includes any form of buying and then reselling goods. Has the greatest potential for earning a lot of gold/hour, but requires very deep understanding of Bless Unleashed market.

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