Black Friday 2019: The 26 Best Phone and Smartwatch Deals

Black Friday 2019: The 26 Best Phone and Smartwatch Deals

Thanksgiving is a busy time of the year filled with travel, family, and (hopefully) fun. It’s also when holiday deals season fully kicks off. To help minimize the amount of time you spend hunting for deals, we’ve rounded up the best smartphone and smartwatch sales around the internet. Below, you’ll also find deals on ebook readers and accessories like wireless chargers, battery packs, and cases.

If you’re shopping through the weekend, be sure to keep this page bookmarked. We will update this post through the weekend with new deals. If an item is no longer at its deal price or sold out, we cross it out. Deal prices sometimes return and items come back in stock faster than we can update, so it never hurts to check for yourself.

Updated November 28: We added the Kindle, fixed some Apple Watch pricing, and continue to add new stores when we find them.

WIRED’s Black Friday Coverage, So Far

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Best Phone Deals

Photograph: OnePlus

Almost everyone needs a smartphone these days, and this is the best time to buy one—all the major manufacturers have announced their products already, and we won’t see many new phones until March or later next year. Check out our list of the best Android phones, best cheap phones, and best iPhones for more info on our favorite devices.

Google Pixel 3A for $299 ($100 off)

Pixel 3A for $299: Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Google Store

Pixel 3A XL for $369 ($100 off): Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Google Store

This is one of our favorite phones of the year. Google brought its considerable camera prowess down to the affordable phone market. It also has good battery life too, a sore point on the new Pixel 4, and its polycarbonate body won’t shatter at the first drop. Because it’s a Pixel phone, it will get software and security updates directly from Google (the maker of the Android operating system) for three years.

Google Pixel 4 XL for $600 ($200 off)

Google Store, Amazon ($700), Walmart, Best Buy ($700), B&H ($700)

The Google Pixel 4 XL is the latest from Google, with multiple cameras on the back that can capture some stunning photos. That’s paired with simple software, clever machine learning features, and a really nice screen. The downside is battery life, which isn’t very strong, but it can make it through one full day of use. Read our review for more details.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus for $900 ($200 off)

Amazon, Samsung, Best Buy, B&H

Samsung’s latest massive phone is powerful and packed to the brim with features—perhaps a little too packed. Three camera lenses on the back let you take in wide landscapes or zoom in for close ups. The S Pen stylus is tucked inside, and you can use it as a Bluetooth remote to control some functions of the phone, like the camera. The all-screen design makes the Note look quite futuristic, especially in the Aura Glow color, though it gets quite smudgy. The Note 10 Plus earned our WIRED Recommends badge, and made it into our list of the top 10 Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10E for $550 ($200 off)

Amazon, Samsung, Best Buy, B&H

If you don’t need the absolute best (but want to get real close), the Galaxy S10E is a perfectly strong choice. The screen is nice; it looks modern; it’s just as powerful as its pricier brethren; and you also get an ultra-wide-angle lens paired with the main one for a little variety in your photos. It’s also more comfortable to hold, due to the smaller 5.8-inch screen.

Motorola Moto G7 for $200 ($100 off)

Amazon, Best Buy, B&H

The G7 is a top pick for under $300. It nails the basics, namely with performance, which won’t make you want to pull your hair out unlike most budget phones. The camera is satisfactory, there’s a headphone jack, battery life is solid, and it doesn’t look hideous, either.

Moto G7 Play for $150 ($50 0ff)

Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, B&H

If you want to save as much money as possible on a phone, the Moto G7 Play is the way to go. It offers the same processor as the Moto G7 listed above, though performance can get bogged down because it only has 2 GB of RAM. The screen quality isn’t as good, and while you shouldn’t expect much from the camera, it can get the job done in good lighting. It is a phone that comes with some compromises, but it is usable.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro for $450 ($100 off)

B&H, ZTE, Newegg

ZTE’s first major phone for the American market in years (after problems with the US government), delivers flagship-grade performance at half the cost of the competition. Inside this phone is a Snapdragon 855, the same chip inside the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and to get that at $450 is pretty outstanding value. There’s no game-changing tech in this phone, but the camera, battery life, and design are all up to par.

OnePlus 7 Pro for $549 ($150 off)


It’s not for the latest model, and the newer OnePlus 7T may be a better buy, but this deal on the OnePlus 7 Pro brings an already high-value phone to an even better price. This phone is powerful, with a beautiful screen that refreshes at 90 Hz (that means scrolling in apps and playing games will look really smooth). Its downsides are the camera, which is versatile with three lenses but only produces adequate photos, and the battery life, which is nothing to write home about. Thankfully, it charges back up shockingly fast.

Wireless Carrier Deals

  • T-Mobile: You can get four free iPhone 11 devices (paid through 24 monthly bill credits) when you add four Unlimited lines for $30 per line with a qualifying iPhone trade-in (in good condition).
  • T-Mobile: If you’re adding a line, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 for around $363 (50 percent off), but you need to buy it on a monthly payment plan, and you’ll see the discount come through in bill credits each month for 24 months. Android tablets aren’t as good as iPads, but the Tab S6 is a formidable contender and great value at this price.
  • Verizon: If you’re planning on buying an iPhone on a monthly payment plan and adding a line, Verizon is offering a buy one, get one discounted offer. For example, you can get a second iPhone 11 Pro Max for $400, though the discount is credited to your account over 24 months.
  • Sprint: If you want to switch to Sprint, you can lease the 64 GB iPhone 11 for $0 per month if you trade in an iPhone 6S or newer in any condition and also activate a new line. The discount is applied to your monthly bill.

Best Smartwatch Deals

Photograph: Apple 

If you have an iPhone, an Apple Watch is the best smartwatch to get—anything Series 3 or higher will serve you well. There are decent alternatives below though, all of which work on Android and iOS.

Apple Watch Series 4 for $299 ($100 off)

Best Buy

You only need to buy the latest Apple Watch Series 5 if you desperately want a screen that always displays the time. If you don’t care about that as much, and if you don’t mind twisting your arm to wake up the screen so you can see the clock, the Series 4 is still a great option.

Apple Watch Series 3 for $129 ($70 off)

Walmart, Best Buy ($189), Target ($170)

The Apple Watch Series 3 is one of our favorite fitness watches and priced anywhere under $200 is a steal. Yes, it’s a little more than two years old now, but it still holds up with a great screen and day-long battery life. It can still run the latest version of Apple’s excellent smartwatch operating system too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42 mm for $250 ($80 off)

Amazon, Samsung, Target, Best Buy

This watch might be a year old, but it’s still good value at this price. You can respond to notifications, track workouts and sleep, and it can last around two days if you’re not using it too heavily. It’s best paired with a Samsung phone, but it works just as well with other Android devices; some functionality is limited when connected to an iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 for $250 ($50 off)

Amazon, Samsung, Walmart, Best Buy, Target

The new Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a digital bezel that lets you scroll through the interface cleanly, and gives the wearable a more minimalist look. The improved heart rate sensors allow for more accurate fitness tracking, there’s an electrocardiogram function (though it’s still in a research phase), and the battery can last a little more than a day. We’ve linked the larger 44 mm model above, but you can get the 40 mm for less.

Fossil Sport for $149 ($130 off)

Fossil ($149), Amazon ($165), Walmart ($165), Best Buy ($165), Target ($165)

The Fossil Sport was the first Wear OS watch to be powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip. The interface is still not as smooth as the one on an Apple Watch, but if you want stay on top of notifications and do some light fitness tracking, Fossil’s watch is a solid option, especially at $150. Fossil sells it for a little less than other retailers. Also check out the other smartwatches on Fossil’s site, which are seeing up to 50 percent off select styles if you use the promo code INTHEBAG at checkout. On Cyber Monday, use the code MONDAY at checkout to see up to a 70 percent discount on sale items.

Misfit Command for $80 ($70 off)

Amazon, Misfit

The Misfit Command isn’t a full-on smartwatch; it’s an analog watch with some connected features, making it a great buy for the person who wants something traditional-looking. This watch connects to your Android or iOS phone and can track basic activity, control your music playback, track sleep, and alert you to notifications. I’ve linked the 44 mm model above, but I’ve been wearing and digging the style of the the 45 mm option.

Best Ebook Reader Deals

Photograph: Amazon

Amazon Kindle (2019 Model) for $60 ($30 off)


If you want to buy a Kindle for yourself or someone else, this is the smartest choice (read our best Kindles guide). It now has a light-up screen and looks about as good as the Paperwhite below—just don’t dunk it in your tub.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018 Model) for $85 ($45 off)

Amazon, Best Buy, Target,

The 2018 Kindle Paperwhite isn’t radically different from its predecessors, but it’s now (finally) waterproof, it supports Bluetooth so you can listen to Audible audiobooks, and it maintains the same weeks-long battery life as older models. It’s close to being the perfect e-reader (9/10, WIRED Recommends).

Kobo Clara HD for $100 ($20 off)

Walmart, Kobo

if you want an alternative to Amazon’s ebook readers, your only other worthwhile option comes from Kobo. The Kobo Clara HD has a front light, and a blue-light filtering mode to make reading easier on the eyes at night. It also has weeks of battery life, supports a variety of ebook formats, and can store 8 GB worth of books, which is around 6,000 titles.

Gadgets and Accessories Deals

Photograph: PureGear

Here are our top choices for accessories to compliment your smartphone. Check out our favorite iPhone 11 cases, as well.

    • PureGear AutoGrip Wireless Car Charger for $39 (35 percent off with promo code ‘BLACKFRI19’): This phone mount can affix to your car dashboard or AC vent. It wirelessly charges your phone, and automatically adjusts the grip to keep it in place—without you needing two hands to (dangerously) do it. You can use the same promo code on the rest of PureGear’s store to nab a discount.
    • Otterbox Symmetry cases (40 percent off at Target): Otterbox’s Symmetry line offers cases for a variety of iPhones, including the new iPhone 11 Pro Max, as well as for Samsung and Google Pixel phones.
    • Speck cases (40 percent off site-wide): Speck makes good cases for phones, MacBooks, iPads, and Samsung tablets—even bags and other accessories. Speck will offer 50 percent off site-wide on Cyber Monday, as well.
    • Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh Portable Charger for $40 ($10 off): This portable battery pack has such a big capacity it can recharge your phone up to (if not more than) five times. There are two USB-A ports, and you can recharge the bank with a USB-C or MicroUSB charger. Anker is also offering a sale up to 47 percent off items in its store for Black Friday.
    • Nomad Wireless Hub for $64 ($16 off): I have this wireless charging base station and I use it to keep all my smartwatches charged (thanks to the four USB ports inside). It’s easy to keep wires hidden away, and best of all, the top of the base doubles as a wireless charger so you can use it to charge your phone. Nomad is also offering up to 70 percent off on certain items in its store.
    • Moment 2 Lens Starter Kit for $158 ($37 off): Moment makes some of our favorite lenses for smartphones. This starter kit gives you a case, which is required to make the lens fit to the back of the phone (iPhone, Samsung, Google, OnePlus), and you can choose two other lenses. The price you see here is for the 58 mm telephoto and the 18 mm wide, so if you choose other lenses or an XL phone case, the price may vary.




























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