Biden’s message expressed his and the First Lady’s “prayers” for Buffalo victims and condemned hate crimes.

According to the president, Buffalo is on the minds and in the hearts of people all over the nation.

Late on Saturday, President Joe Biden criticized a shooting that took place earlier that day in Buffalo, New York, as being “senseless” and “hate-fueled domestic terrorism.” The shooting left at least 10 people dead, and three more were injured.


During a statement, President Biden conveyed his condolences to the families of the ten people who were murdered in the shooting, as well as to those who are still in the process of recuperating from the physical and mental impacts of the tragedy.

“Our community has a deep sense of gratitude toward those members of the law enforcement community and other first responders who took prompt action to save and protect lives. People throughout the country are thinking about Buffalo and the people who reside there, and the First Lady and I are sending our thoughts and prayers to the individuals who were hurt and their families.”