Startup Pitch

Best Pitch Deck Examples of Startups – Tips and Reminders

A startup is a quickly growing organization. And, it needs funds to prosper. Here enters the startup pitch deck. A comprehensive and well-designed pitch deck is vital to convince the angel investors. It shows the investors that your organization has massive potential. You can easily get the resources that you need to scale.

Let’s uncover the secrets of a successful pitch deck of startups. How they leveraged the investors to invest dollars in their business. How they won new client contracts and so on.

Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck

It’s an actual venture capital firm that has raised $1B for later stage U.S.

According to them, telling a story is important. If you don’t recite a story in 5 minutes, you haven’t done anything. You’re either overthinking or not simplified enough. They had their 10-slide pitch deck format for their rival Kawasaki. It’s a top-notch curated format and shines a spotlight on unique ideas. The startup pitch deck forces clarity of thinking for the audience.  They say that it’s crucial to effectively communicate your mission. You not only need the listing features but a pitch deck that’s clear, clean and easy to create.

AirBnb Startup Pitch Deck

They raised $20k in 3 months and $600k in 8 months. Their pitch deck had an impressive rate of traction and large marketplace. For the competitors, they stood out on the early days. Their slide deck clearly demonstrated all the points needed. The pitch deck must explain the core information in the business plan in a crystal clear way. The pitch deck must explain all the core information of your business. AirBnb did the same in their startup pitch deck. They designed airy and light templates for attracting angel investors. 

AirBnb’s slide deck is also known as demo day presentation. It is visible from a distance. They are clear about what they’re presenting. The point is to complement the speech, not distract from it. One of the best things about this startup pitch deck is that every slide has max 3 sections of information. The rules of three is a popular presentation layout. It’s a great visual representation. That’s why this presentation works the best for angel investors.

With these examples, it’s clear that the best startup pitch deck is a blend of format, colors and speech. You can swatch colors, gradients and patterns as per your brand. You can also learn how to customize the pitch deck template for your business.