Best Mangastream Alternatives

12 Best Mangastream Alternatives: Read Manga Online Free

Manga is enjoyed by people all around the world. They are popular among both kids and adults. Manga is a type of comic that originates from Japan.

Speaking of manga, you must be aware of online manga sites. Out of all the available options, Mangastream happens to be one of the best and most popular manga reading websites. If you crave for quality manga comics, then this is the place to be.

But due to some problems, Mangastream is no longer live. This is indeed bad news for all the manga lovers. However, this shouldn’t be the reason that you stop reading manga comics. We have brought to you 12 best sites like Mangastream to read manga online for free. So without wasting any more time, let’s walk you through the list.

Best Mangastream Alternatives

Here is the list of best Mangastream alternative sites. Now that you cannot access Mangastream anymore, you can shift to these sites for your daily dose of the manga.


Our first choice is MangaDex where you can find different versions of the same manga. This is an interesting manga reading site that provides you manga comics of different genres. From fan-fiction to crossovers, you will find all that you want to read. This site is a true heaven for all manga lovers. The site can be accessed in 20 different languages. They also have discussion forums where you can talk about anything with the other manga fans.


When talking about Mangastream alternatives, we simply cannot miss out on MangaHere. They have a massive collection of manga to read. However, you should know that they keep changing the site’s URL because they have been charged by DMCA due to their ever-increasing popularity. You will find different genres and categories of the manga. The site is updated frequently so that you can get new manga to read.


If you are looking for sites like Mangastream, then you should check out MangaPark. This is one of the most talked-about sites out there. The site has a loyal fan base that comprises readers from all across the world. They provide high-quality manga that consists of at least 10 pictures in every chapter. They also offer a user-friendly interface, so that you find it easy to use.


The next best alternative we have is MangaFreak. This site is different from the rest. On this site, you cannot only read manga comics, but you can also download them. You can read the downloaded manga offline whenever you want. They offer a whole collection of exciting manga comics to read. The site also has many features that you can find useful while navigating through it.


If you like Mangastream, then you are sure to love MangaPanda. This site is very much similar to Mangastream. This is considered to be one of the best sites to read manga for free online. They offer a huge collection of manga to readers. Not just that but the site can also be accessed from any type of device including smartphones, tablets, and PC. You will find manga comics of different genres. They have a feature called Surprise Me, in case, you are unable to decide what manga to read.


This is one of the manga reading websites that also offer their official app. you can either access the site or use the app on your smartphone. The app is available for both iOS and android platforms. They have a wide collection of manga series that readers love to read. They keep adding new manga from time to time. With this site, you are never going to run out of options.


If you are a true manga fan, then you must have heard about this site. Chances are that some of you are already using it. This is one of the popular manga streaming sites out there. Here you can find tons of high-quality manga content to read. You can find all the latest manga series here. The new chapters are available on the site, as soon as they are launched.


This is yet another great site available for Manga lovers. If you are wondering how to read manga online for free, then this site could be your answer. They have all the top manga available for readers. The attractive interface of the site is the first thing that will draw your attention. The site has different genres and categories of manga comics available.


This site not only offers you to read manga comics, but they also have an online forum for the fans. In the community forum, you can discuss manga and related things with other manga lovers. The good thing is that the site is available in different languages. They have more than 50 genres of manga to offer.


This site is a complete manga world for the manga lovers. This site features a classy outlook. Along with that they also offer a great collection of manga comics to read. If you are using this site for the first time, you are surely going to be amazed by their library. This site is good enough to compete with other big mange sites. The quality of their content and style of approach is what is loved by users.


Next in the line, we have Comixology. This site was purchased by Amazon Inc in 2014. This is one of the fastest-growing manga streaming sites online. If you are looking for quality content to read, then this is the place to be. They also offer their official app which is available on the app store as well as on Kindle. This is a highly secure site that is enjoyed by quality readers.


MangaEden is an old manga site, but it is still running strong. They are known for offering high-quality manga content to readers. The site is available in two languages including Italian and English. If you are an anime fan, then you should check out this site. You can also register yourself to receive their newsletters. They have a great collection of manga to offer.

Manga comics are not just for entertainment, they are a way of life for some people. With this list of free Mangastream alternatives, you can continue to read new manga every week. 


– Can you read manga online?

There are many manga streaming sites where you can read the manga. Some of these sites are free, while others require you to pay a subscription. You can also get manga reading apps from your phone’s app store.

– Is KissManga safe to use?

Yes, KissManga is 100% safe to use. They offer a huge collection of manga to read. Along with that, you can also watch anime on the site.

– Do you need to register to use a manga site?

Not all manga streaming sites require registration. However, some sites need you to register first and after that, you can start reading.

– What are the most popular manga genres?

Some of the most popular manga genres include shonen, shoujo, josei, and seinen. You will also find other genres on the sites.

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