Best Male Watch Styles of 2021: Your ULTIMATE Guide to Choosing the Best Watch

Best Male Watch Styles of 2021: Your ULTIMATE Guide to Choosing the Best Watch

 Watches are timeless and classic. Whether you prefer minimal style or bold, statement making fashion, a wristwatch will always be an essential part of your wardrobe. There are many fantastic watch styles available in the market. No matter what kind you like, you can easily find the perfect watch by exploring some options online.

To make your search a tad bit simpler, we’ve curated a list of some of the best male watch styles that are making it big this year.

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1 Large Dials

Large dials are immensely popular in male watches. These dials give a rugged yet sophisticated look to the watch and make them perfect for those who love the rough and tough look. Large dials are also great for people with thicker, rounder wrists.

These watches look great with formals or smart casuals and are a great pick for office going men or those who like to dress sharply.

2 Leather Strap

Leather is one of the most used materials when it comes to watch straps. Leather watches are timeless and sophisticated and perfect to style with a variety of outfits. These straps can be paired with a variety of different kind of dials but a medium sized analogue dial with golden accents can give the watch a classy appeal.

3 Metallic Digital Watches

Gone are the days when digital watches were only available in bulky, silicone materials. These days there are a number of stunning metallic digital male watches available in the market. These watches are available in striking colours like gold, silver, and even black metal, giving you the option to choose one that suits your style the best.

These watches are great for those who like to make a bold statement and make heads turn wherever they go.

4 Smartwatches

Smartwatches are one of the biggest revolutions in the smart wearable scene. These feature-loaded watches have become a must-have for anyone who is into fitness and is looking for ways to stay on track with their fitness progress and wellbeing. Aside from this, these male watches can be synced with your smartphones and help you check all updates regularly.

5 Colourful Watches

While neutral colours will always remain a classic option when it comes to male watches, bright, vibrant colours are also becoming an immensely popular choice amongst young men. These watches reflect a fun personality and are perfectly suited for the energy of today’s youth.

These watches are a great option if you’re a collegegoer or just like to experiment with colours.

Watches are definitely one of the best accessories for men who wish to make a classy impression. These accessories can add a stylish touch to your outfit without appearing too ‘out there’.

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