Best budget tracker for your business

Best budget tracker for your business

As an entrepreneur, there is always a task waiting for you to complete. It could be in the office, at home, or even at a networking event. Therefore, it’s very important that you manage your time well and stay on top of things.

However, this can be challenging when you have many different demands. Fortunately, many apps designed for small businesses are available and can help you remain organized. Let us look at the best five apps to help with accounting, project management, payroll processing, and everything else.

#1. Microsoft 365

The market is full of various office software apps that offer different features and prices. However, the Microsoft 365 software remains the best choice for small businesses.

Previously, individuals used to buy Microsoft Office as a software package and install it on their PC. But nowadays, there are upgraded versions for both iOS and Android. Thus, you can use Microsoft 365 on your mobile devices.

The app includes Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. It also has OneDrive for online backups, which is extremely helpful if you have another cloud provider like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Other software applications on this app include the online version of Outlook, Publisher, and Access. There are also various editions of this app, and enterprise users are given more management and corporate service options.

#2. Slack

Slack is a good messaging platform if you don’t want to get sucked into email threads with employees. Individuals can create several public or private channels, and they can add as many users as they want to these channels.

Plus, it allows image, documents, and PDFs sharing. Again, data here is indexed and archived, meaning you can always access your previous conversations.

#3. 9Spokes

9Spokes app helps you manage your business in one tab. Using it, you can monitor and visualize business data in every aspect. You can also track how you perform in the Singapore market.

The app, helps you save time as it gives you a 360 ° view of your business in all areas. You can also gauge your performance using various insights like cash flow and sales revenue.

#4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is specifically designed for small business owners. Using this app, individuals can view their finances from wherever they are, whether on their desktop or mobile phone.

You can quickly respond to client feedback and check the payment status from the mobile app. Plus, you can take pictures of the receipts once you get them and add them to your expenses. Thus, it makes it easy to manage your cash flow, invoices, and more.

#5. Square

Square helps small businesses manage their payments. It can be used by any business, including salons, retail shops, food trucks. The app is free to download and includes a reader for swiping credit cards.

Individuals attach the reader to their phones or other devices to process payments from customers. But note that there’s a 2.17% fee deduction from credit card transactions. However, considering the security and convenience this app offers, it is worth having it.

You can also take advantage of Square Register if you have your store. Also, note that the company offers different plans. Therefore, please compare them on their website and decide the one that suits your business best.

#6. Connectteam

The app connects all aspects of your business in one place. It’s a full package that allows you to connect to your staff, manage your daily operations and improve engagement and experience from your workers.

The app allows communication, job scheduling, and tracking. As such, it increases productivity, and employees remain updated all through. Plus, you will know what is going on all the time. Features include checklists and forms, employee time clock, employee scheduling features, and internal communication features. Therefore, it can help you in business management as it is an all-in-one solution.


Small business apps help you stay on top of things. They can boost productivity for both the entrepreneur and employees and simplify the life of a small business owner. Thankfully, there is an app for everything, including inventory, job scheduling, management, invoice tracking, etc.