Benefits of Carrying Out Duct Cleaning Mississauga

Benefits of Carrying Out Duct Cleaning Mississauga

Air conditioning is not something to take for granted. Having an HVAC system is one thing, and taking care of it to ensure it operates properly is another responsibility. One of the critical parts of the system to check closely is the AC coil. You should always ensure the coil is clean for the conditioner to handle hot summer days. You should make sure that the coils are cleaned during the regular duct cleaning Mississauga process.

Besides taking you through the summer days, there are more advantages you enjoy when you carry out duct cleaning Mississauga. We will discuss these advantages below. Take a look.

1. What The AC Coil Does

The AC coil plays a significant role in your HVAC. Leaving it dirty slows the functions of the HVAC. The two types of coils in the air condition system are;

a. The evaporator coil– removes heat and humidity from your home. It is found in the indoor air handling unit.

b. The condenser coil– removes the heat trapped by the evaporator coil outside. The condenser coil is part of the outdoor unit, and it can be installed in a mechanical room to allow it to deposit air to the outside.

The AC coils resemble coiled tubes, and they have refrigerant and fins on the outside to increase the heat transfer process. The coils are also big enough to allow dirt and debris to settle.

These coils fill with dirt fast, especially those located outside, because there is more dust from the outdoor air. Also, pay attention to the indoor evaporator coil. It is also exposed to dirt and dust, and if left uncleaned for a long time, it can lead to a slow down of the entire system.

2. Cleaning The AC Coil Increases Comfort

A dirt AC coil leads to improper functioning of the entire system. When covered with dirt, the heat transfer process is slowed down. The condenser is not able to release the heat because it is trapped in there. Also, the evaporator coil will not be able to absorb the heat from the air, meaning your house’s temperature will be very high.

When this happens, the AC runs for long hours and works harder to maintain the correct temperatures of your space. This can lead to mechanical damage of the parts, which are expensive to buy and replace. This problem and unnecessary expenses can be avoided by carrying out duct cleaning Mississauga.

3. Increases Life Span Of Your System

When the system works very hard to cool the house, some parts suffer mechanical damage. This increases wear and tear, and it reaches a point where the system cannot operate. Repairing those parts is expensive, and also buying a new HVAC system is costly. This problem can be avoided by doing Mississauga duct cleaning and paying special attention on the coils.

4. Dirty Coils Lead To More Energy Bills

When the coils are dirty, causing parts of the HVAC to overwork, more electricity is used. Also, the longer time the system takes while running means more energy is being used. This leads to increased energy expenses. You can reduce your energy bills by keeping your AC coil clean.

5. Impact On The Indoor Air Quality

The HVAC system blows air into the rooms in your house. Having a dirty AC coil can lead to discomforts to your family because of the effects polluted air can cause. There will be more cases of asthma attacks and allergies. This is because some of the dirt in the coil could be mold and fungi. Also, dirty air can lead to the spread of other respiratory complications, which are either bacterial or viral. These conditions are uncomfortable to live with and expensive to treat.

6. Know When To Clean Your Coil

You may not know how to tell that the coil needs to be cleaned if you are a new HVAC owner and you haven’t carried our duct cleaning Mississauga before. You can tell that the cleaning is due when you look at the outdoor unit and notice it is very dirty. You can also schedule to clean your AC coil twice every year. That way, you will be sure that your HVAC system is always working well.