Backyard Upgrades That Can Boost the Value of Your Home

Backyard Upgrades That Can Boost the Value of Your Home

Renovations and restorations are common ways to add value to a home. However, did you know that upgrading the backyard can also yield a high return on investment? If you’re thinking of selling your home in the not-so-distant future, below are a few backyard upgrades that will boost its value.

Build an Outdoor Fire Pit

Nothing beats an outdoor fire pit. Reminiscent of camping and being in the great outdoors, building a firepit in your backyard can do wonders for its resale value. These unique features are great for roasting marshmallows on a summer evening or keeping warm when the months grow colder.

The good news about firepits is that you have the freedom to design one as big or as small as you like. Basic designs can consist of a round and exposed raised pit made with brick, while others can include a tripod-like structure that hangs above it. While firepits can cost around $5,000 to build, homeowners can expect to recoup over 60% of their original investment.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

If space affords it (and price isn’t a hindrance), another option is to build an outdoor kitchen. This type of space is great if you entertain regularly, and it can boost the value of your home by creating an additional room: think of it as extending the living room into the outdoors. Outdoor kitchens can be fully equipped with roofs, ventilation, and ceiling fans, and it means you no longer have to run in and out of the house.

Add a Deck

If you love spending time outdoors and live in an area that boasts warm weather in the summer, you may want to add a deck where you can entertain, barbecue, and sunbathe. A nicely fitted wooden deck not only looks fantastic in a backyard, but it means that you have an extra space to unwind and relax. Decks with stairs and railings can be expensive — around $13,000 — however, experts say you’ll recoup about 76% of that when it’s time to sell.

Refurbish Your Fence

Fences provide more than just privacy and protection. The appearance of a fence and its materials can matter greatly when it comes to boosting the value of your home. For example, while wood is one of the cheaper and more common materials, it can fade and splinter over time. On the other hand, vinyl and aluminum materials require less maintenance and can make your yard look more decorative. Wrought iron is another pricey material that can bring some luxury to the yard; however, it does require more maintenance due to rust. Whatever you choose, you can easily rebuild your fence by yourself using a fence post driver for sale from the likes of Bullmax, or you can call in the experts instead.

Install a Swimming Pool

Another feature that can greatly boost the value of your home is a swimming pool. While it may seem like a luxury investment, the truth is that more and more people are opting to stay home than travel (especially since the start of the pandemic). If you have the space and the budget to do it, a small swimming pool or a whirlpool can do wonders for your backyard. It will also be a major selling point when you put your house on the market, since more homebuyers are looking for this feature.