Back garden home office: 3 must-haves to include
Private garden in the evening, illuminated by lamps

Back garden home office: 3 must-haves to include

As working from home has become the new norm for so many employees all across the UK, many individuals are looking for new ideas on how to improve their working from home space. Quite often, working in the house can be demotivating and a struggle to differentiate working time from relaxing time purely as it is all carried out within the same environment. It can be easy to take a trip to the local coffee shop for a day to carry out your job role for a quick escape from home however, that is not always a possibility every day, therefore, a back garden home office is a much easier and more appropriate choice. When starting this project, it may be difficult deciding what to include within your room space, therefore, we are here to provide you with a breakdown of the essentials.

Compatible desk space

We mention the word compatible, as quite often, the desk space may not often correspond with the room size, and this is an appropriate factor to follow. With your office space being situated in the back garden, we would assume that it is within a log cabin or shed structure, therefore, ditch the small room size Ikea desk and opt for a larger desk that is compatible with the size of the office. A small desk in a larger room will simply look silly and it can be frustrating and cluttering if your surface is too small to work within.

Comfortable chair 

A comfortable chair is a necessity, especially when considering your health and wellbeing. Sitting down all day can contribute majorly towards back strain and pain so we would advise moving around regularly when not seated and whilst seated, ensure that your chair has adaptable features that can be suited to your needs and preferability. Features such as armrests, adjustable back, and caster wheels are all must-haves when it comes to your office chair, so when purchasing a new one, try to ensure that these qualities are notable.

Electronic devices

Finally, your back garden home office will not be complete without electronics. Although it is not rocket science, a laptop, computer monitor or even two computer monitors will definitely be required, and other devices that can be highly beneficial can quite often be forgotten about. A TV is one necessity that can add additional entertainment to the space whenever it may be required, and if you would prefer an internet-connected TV, opt for a smart TV. This can easily be placed on your wall meaning that extra space isn’t necessarily required, so if your office space is on the smaller side, do not worry! Contact the professionals at for any TV wall mounting services. A coffee machine is another essential that can do you the world of good in your workspace. Gone are the days where you could easily make a coffee in the shared office, or pop out on a coffee run for yourself and your colleagues so this electronic appliance is perfect to include.