Automation testing for Quality Assurance: why is it necessary? 

Automation testing for Quality Assurance: why is it necessary? 

Due to the emergence of new technological devices, many companies receive more customers than ever before. Becoming an international business is easy thanks to high-speed internet and various interactive elements. However, consumer demands are also growing at lightning speed, so any organization must offer a product of the highest quality only.

One of the main reasons why users are attracted to the platform is a successful intuitive interface. A well-generated interface helps the client quickly understand the products offered by the organization, as well as quickly join the ranks of new customers. In order to create a unique product, it is imperative to study the market, as there is no limit to the competition. But how do you create the perfect interface? Today we will consider such a concept as automated testing, and find out how it can help us.

Manual or automated Quality Assurance (QA) Testing? 

It is important to understand that when a company turns to real people for testing, the result will be extremely subjective. This is because there is an infinite number of opinions, cultures and preferences in the world. In addition, it is impossible to exclude the presence of errors due to the human factor, because we are all living people and cannot control everything at once.

That is why automated testing (AT) exists, which will give an answer based on dry facts, and will also help to complete the work in the shortest possible time. If you are interested in AT, visiting this site will offer you a unique solution for your software.

Connection of money and QA

  • Saving. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, automated testing costs more, but it saves you money. This is because if you invest in AT in the first place, then in the future you will avoid sudden expenses or loss of customers due to human error during testing.
  • Security. All companies are puzzled by finding security solutions. AT identifies all vulnerabilities to keep your data safe and sound. Thus, you will not lose your resources, but rather increase your profits
  • Customer analysis. Your product will not be good unless the customer says so. Therefore, the most important task is to satisfy customers. To properly generate an interface, it is useful to study the target audience. Automated testing will help with this.

QA automation testing advantages:

Speed ​​of error identification and functionality testing. 

AT quickly conducts testing and helps to find flaws. In addition, it is responsible for checking the operation of the platform in order to eliminate possible risks.

Possibility of repeated use.

Automated tests can be carried out in various environments in order to create an atmosphere of real use of the product.

Avoidance of the human factor.

Automation of QA avoids subjective opinions and random errors caused by inattention or bad mood.  AT is stable.

Eco-friendly savings.

The presence of automated testing reduces the waste of your resources: money and time.

QA automation testing disadvantages:

First installment

For many organizations, this investment may seem costly due to the licensing of the necessary development tools. However, the result fully justifies the expectations.

Manual test.

There is such a paradox: before starting to automate QA difficulties, conduct manual testing.

Identification of the causes of errors.

After AT detects errors, a thorough investigation must be carried out. Often errors concern the software for automation, and not the one being checked.

A web application testing service will provide you with the most useful testing options that can make your project as individual and desirable as possible.


QA automation may be acceptable for those softwares that meet specific standards. You also need to understand the types of automation, but turning to professionals makes this process much easier. Yes, such testing requires a large investment in the beginning, but the result is worth it.