AsicWay Review

AsicWay Review


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Hi Folks! It is my pleasure to welcome you to an honest review of AsicWay, a new name in the crypto world that has already gained a lot of attention.  Having used quite a few mining rigs in the past, I know how difficult it is to find out one that ticks all the boxes. In this brief discussion, I will share my experience with the company and one of its products to help you find out everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

About the Company

AsicWay brands itself as the new generation of cryptocurrency mining. When you visit the company’s website, you are likely to be hooked immediately by what it has to say. AsicWay claims to be a game changer in the industry in terms of efficiency, profitability, and the ease of using its mining rigs. The company offers three miners, with high hash rates that I had never heard of. The company’s mission statement says that these miners were designed to make crypto mining accessible to all, even those with no prior experience or knowledge.

My initial impression about AsicWay appeared to be too good to believe. This is why I felt an urge to verify their claims and decided to try out their most high-end model, AW Pro. AW 1 and AW2 are the two other products from AsicWay. If you are a crypto enthusiast I am sure you would love to find out more about AsicWay and its products.

What I Liked:

I must confess I was a bit apprehensive about my purchase at the beginning because crypto related scams have become so common these days. However, as I started interacting with the company, I could understand that my investment was is in safe hands.

First of all, unlike many crypto companies I know, AsicWay can be contacted without any hassles. The phone numbers listed in the website are actually attended by live support staffs. The ordering was smooth and my hardware was delivered to me within a week. Most importantly, I didn’t have to make any follow-up calls about the status of my order.

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I got the biggest surprise when my AW Pro miner arrived. This miner is a convenient plug and play unit that comes preconfigured with Linux based system and the user interface is unbelievably easy to use. Instead of spending hours on configuring the machine, I could start mining right away just by connecting it to a power socket. Surprisingly enough, my new miner required a moderate internet speed of just 10 KB/s for upload as well as download. Therefore, my home broadband connection was sufficient.  Also, it operated without generating a great deal of sound or heat.

The beauty of the AsicWay miners lies in their extraordinarily high hash powers. With my AW Pro, I have been able to mine bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and monero with hash rates of 1950 TH/s, 200 GH/s, 13 GH/s, and 16 MH/s respectively. Moreover, in spite of delivering these hash rates, AW Pro has a power consumption of only 2200 watts. As a combination of these two factors, the miner offers superfast return on investment. Since I have just started, I am yet to recover my investment entirely. However, looking at the way things are going, I have no doubt that it will not take more than a month. The calculator page in the company’s website provides a clear indication about the profitability of these miners.

Though I have some previous experience in crypto mining, I can say without any hesitation that AsicWay miners are probably the best in the market for both a newbie as well as a seasoned pro. These miners offer equal opportunities for all to profit from crypto mining.

Are there any downsides?

Till now, I have not been able to find any major areas for AsicWay to improve upon. However, for a company with such potential, I would expect a more descriptive website with detailed product descriptions, etc. I would also like them to introduce more payment options. As of now, they only accept payment in crypto.

My Final Words

Based on my own experience, I feel AW Pro is one of the most profitable and easy to use miners in the market. The company may be new, but they operate with an extremely high level of business ethics and values. If you are interested in crypto mining, AsicWay is an amazing place to start your journey.