Are new build homes suitable for families with kids?

Are new build homes suitable for families with kids?

If you are considering moving house, or even buying your first home, you will be weighing up the different options and considering what type of house will be best for you and your family. The new vs. old build debate troubles many prospective buyers in Britain, and we are here to help you reach a decision. This is why new builds may be better suited for families with kids, as opposed to traditional housing.

More space

Many people are often sceptical about new builds having less space. It’s true that they may offer up decreased floor space, but they are often better designed to accommodate modern living. For example, they may feature an open-plan layout and clever storage solutions.

Open plan living is ideal for families, as parents can cook dinner whilst watching over their kids in the living room. It also provides a more social and communal feel, as family members aren’t confined to one room.

Better outdoor space

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in demand for properties which offer good outdoor areas. This comes after months of intermittent lockdowns where we have seen gardens become viewed as social and living spaces, rather than simply somewhere to dry the washing.

New builds cater to this desire, and you will have the opportunity to input your own ideas on the design and layout of the garden. An attractive and well-kept outdoor area is perfect for kids, as it gives them a place to exercise and let loose, without having to leave the security of your own home.


New houses are often built alongside a number of other properties to create a development. This means that there is likely to be a better sense of community as these developments will attract households who are all looking for similar things.

This means that not only the kids, but you as well, have the opportunity to meet new friends and socialise with like-minded people on the development.

This can be extremely beneficial to the health and development of young children, which is something which many parents express concern over when deciding where to live.

Low maintenance

New builds offer the luxury of low maintenance, right from when you move in. Since everything in your home will be brand new, you won’t have to worry about spending time on renovating or fixing the house like you would expect with an old build.

This is a great incentive for families and is guaranteed to benefit everyone involved. It takes away the stress of moving with small children, which is a very laborious and time-consuming job in itself. Additionally, it can also make the transition of moving houses easier for the children.

If you are moving straight into a furnished home, yourself and your kids are way more likely to feel relaxed and ready to continue with family life soon after.

So, if you think that a new build might be suited to you and your family – don’t waste time and get house-hunting today!