Are Ghanaian politicians dumb? A young lady blasts gov’t

The consistent misplaced priority by our politicians has forced a young lady to ask if indeed our leaders are a dump.

Aseye Mensah, a Ghanaians young lady in her facebook post asked the host of Kingdom FM, Tutu Faculty if politicians are ready to bring any significant change. She said;

“Sometimes I wonder why some of these our politicians waste money acquiring formal education. Sometimes I wonder if their dumb or what. We’re living in a country where people in deprived areas have no good water to drink, bad roads, school children sitting under trees and ugly structures to study.

And our so-called learned and able politicians all because of power and cheap political points go and borrow money to come and build a Cathedral. And to make matters worse the site for the construction of this cathedral is not a bare land. It’s occupied with people’s properties. Is our president listening to the people of this nation at all…………. God help us so that the worst will not just happen.

Mr president people of this country are not dumb and neither are we stupid. There will not be a “Ghana” without it’s people. Wofa Tutu Faculty please get this to our politicians. The hearts of youth in this country are burning with rage and the earlier these politicians set themselves to doing the right thing, the better for us all. Otherwise, otherwise as the rage and anger increases, we’ll no longer keep silent. ????”