An excellent cricket team from the Caribbean

An excellent cricket team from the Caribbean

Usually, people may think that most of the cricket action is centered in the Asian continent or in some European nations. However, and as can be seen at the 1x news site, cricket is also very widespread in other places around the world. This is an interesting case with the West Indies cricket team. Of course, there is no country called the West Indies. Instead, this team is made up of several nations that are located mostly in the Caribbean area. The squad has international recognition and has played against some of the best cricket sides in the world. Some of the nations that contribute to the West Indies include:

  • Guyana;
  • Jamaica;
  • Grenada;
  • and Trinidad and Tobago.

The squad, also known as the Windies, has achieved test status, meaning that it can face some of the best squads in this sport in exciting matches. Also, this team has contributed some world-class players. Everything about them can be found at the site 1x News, which features information about its players, matches and much more.

A history with a lot of silverware

Being a group of nations means that the Windies should be a powerful team. The team has won lots of tournaments throughout its history. This means that the cricket betting tips on can be an excellent place for Windies punters. This can be used to wager on a squad that has some excellent chances of winning competitions in the future.

For example, the Prudential Cup was the precursor to what is currently known as the ICC Cricket World Cup. Back in the 1970s, when this competition was still bearing its former name, the Windies won it twice. This happened in 1975 and 1979.

Years later, the team won the 2012 and the 2016 editions of the ICC T20 World Cup. The achievements of this squad didn’t stop there, as it went on to win several other competitions. Those who go on 1xNews cricket betting tips will be able to find information that will help to win by betting on this true champion squad.

An excellent representative from this part of the world

It is normal to see different cricket squads having their own flags as their symbols. A good reason to learn how to install 1xBet app is to bet and see the beautiful symbol that the Windies have chosen as their own. As the West Indies don’t have a flag of their own due to it not being a country, they needed to choose a symbol that could represent all these nations.

And they settled on something that is really beautiful, and represents the charm of this part of the world. Specifically, they feature a shield with a wicket, a palm tree and a sunny beach. By learning how to install app 1xBet it is possible to start betting and winning with this squad, which features great results and great symbols.