AfrikRising Founder and CEO Christine Reidhead Building a school in Ghana, Africa

AfrikRising International’s Project in Ghana Becomes a Reality

AfrikRising, a nonprofit organization headed by Christine Reidhead is making progress in its attempt to increase access to education in Ghana and Africa.

Christine Reidhead is the CEO of AfrikRising, a nonprofit organization that has the African child at heart. The organization was founded in 2019 with the goal of assisting children of Africa who are facing numerous challenges, especially in education.

Several initiatives are carried out by the organization to help children in Africa already but the current project’s main focus is on empowering African children through education, with the vulnerable at the center.
AfrikRising’s mission is to alleviate poverty and hunger in Africa. Its volunteers are dedicated and tireless in their efforts to ensure that the vulnerable are reached.

For such reasons, AfrikRising announced in 2020 that they were extending their support to Ghana by building a school to support children and the marginalized education. This step by AfrikRising adds to the previous announcement in 2016 by Ghana’s Ministry of Education initiative. The program launched by the Ministry of Education includes its new inclusive education (IE) policy, laying out a strategy for improving the education of all children, with a focus on improving access and quality for disadvantaged children and those with special needs.

When asked the motivation behind the construction of the School in Ghana, the Founder of AfrikRising Christine Reidhead pointed at Ghana’s Education Documents which invites external supports to increase access to education. “The policy foresees an important role for the private sector, as well as for NGOs, philanthropists, and development partners. The Inclusive Education document clearly outlines the role that private companies, development partners, NGOs, and individuals can play in concrete implementation, in areas including funding, construction, and development of human resource”.

She further added that “Every child deserves the right to safety and to be empowered through education. Street Children work in some of the poorest areas in the world and strives to ensure they go to school and learn. Even though the President of Ghana, Nana Addo has instituted a free education policy, surveys indicate a lot is needed to be done in terms of amenities and children’s general needs.

Highlighting the needs of these children, it’s necessary we collectively come to their aid. AfrikRising has four main focus areas thus; protecting children, educating children, empowering families, and supporting children in emergencies”.

Progress So Far

Not just word of mouth, the nonprofit has progressed so far by acquiring loads of properties including land, materials, and other necessities for the construction of the school in Ghana. This project per the CEO, won’t be the last project for Ghana, rather the starting point for great new things. Gallery of pictures taken by our team during an unannounced visit to the AfrikRising school site.

AfrikRising International's Project in Ghana Becomes a Reality AfrikRising International's Project in Ghana Becomes a Reality AfrikRising International's Project in Ghana Becomes a Reality AfrikRising International's Project in Ghana Becomes a Reality