Achievements of Christine Reidhead Worth Recognition

Achievements of Christine Reidhead Worth Recognition

Our educational institutions and the world might appear buttoned-down from the outside – but in reality, it’s a lot more interesting than you might realize. The contribution of prominent icons such as Christine Reidhead and other writers and educationist have put the world and Africa in a better dimension.

The shape of the world’s progress cannot be celebrated without acknowledging this individual scholar who has contributed in diverse ways.

Who is Christine Reidhead?

Many scholars are known for being colorful characters, both in the education sector and in their personal lives, the same can be said about Christine Reidhead.

Reidhead is a College Professor at a tribal college called Navajo Technical University. Reidhead is best known for her contribution to many areas such as Global Humanity, AfrikRising, Podcasting, etc.

She has also written inspiring books such as Get That Job! and How to Improve Study Habits. One of her achievements that got everyone’s attention is her newly released book titled, “How to Improve Study Habits.” The book stresses on learning and education in all spheres of academia. This is an excellent book, especially considering the pandemic we are in and it’s a great guide for our children, parents, and teachers.

The prominent lecturer has not only written inspiring books, but she was also made several direct and indirect contributions in her school and the general public. Apart from being a prominent College Professor at Navajo Technical University, these books can really help the high school and college students succeed.

Success Stories of Christine Reidhead

With African education and humanitarianism a big concern, Reidhead has made so much effort to shape this arena. In support of Ghana’s education, AfrikRising of which Reidhead is the Founder and CEO, has made efforts in building a school and providing conducive materials to education.

This step by Reidhead has not only shaped African education but also has compliment President Nana Addo’s efforts of providing education for Ghanaians.

In addition, Reidhead has shown prowess by publishing several of her podcasts in respectable journals. Ain’t you amazed that these add to the numerous achievements of the CEO who has shown no sign of giving up on impacting the world with her knowledge?

Christine Reidhead
Christine Reidhead

In addition, Reidhead has made many contributions to the film industry and her latest contribution to Global Humanity on Amazon Prime film is worth mentioning. The film of which she’s the director, focuses on exploring the diversity, culture, and coexistence of humans from all walks of family.

The film takes you to Mexico, Africa, and exposes you to several Native American families, traditions and cultures. Global Humanity is on sale on Amazon Prime of which you can’t afford to miss.