According to an attorney, federal prosecutors have requested Hunter Biden’s paternity documentation, which includes financial information, among other things. They wished to have “every album” released.

According to court documents and an attorney involved in the issue, federal authorities following Hunter Biden obtained a demand for the tax records of paternity litigation.

‘He wanted every record connected to Hunter Biden,’ Clint Lancaster stated. Hunter Biden was sued in 2019 by Lunden Roberts, who claimed he was the father of her child.

It was requested that any information “regarding [Hunter] Biden’s financial transactions and all personal and business expenditures” be provided to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware by the end of December 2020. According to the request, the period covered was from January 2017 to the present day.

In addition, the subpoena requested a bunch of Hunter Biden’s tax records, which were eventually provided.

Biden’s tax documents, however, are included in the subpoena, which claims that they include “IRS Forms 1099,… income & payroll tax returns,… modified tax returns,” among other things.

Hunter Biden’s personal and professional conduct has been investigated since the beginning of the 2020 presidential campaign, and he has been the target of Republican political attacks since that time.

The acquisition of these documents by federal agents provides a new, albeit restricted, window into the long-running investigation into the President — a probe that began as a tax inquiry several years ago and has since expanded to include other matters.

In the fall of 2021, at least two federal agents, one from the FBI and one from the Internal Revenue Service, flew to Lancaster’s Arkansas law office to meet with Lesley Wolf, the Assistant United States Attorney in Delaware, according to Lancaster. The majority of the day, according to Lancaster, was spent fielding questions about Hunter Biden’s business practices.

When detectives were asked about several companies that were tied to Hunter Biden, they enquired about Rosemont Seneca Partners, where Lancaster had worked for several years.

Earlier this year, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware issued a federal subpoena for the same data. By way of example, the subpoena asked for all data, documents, and accounts relevant to any financial/banking transactions between 15 corporate entities and Hunter Biden, the president’s brother James, as well as two business associates, dating back to 2014, while Joe Biden was president.

As part of the paternity dispute, Hunter Biden, according to Lancaster, submitted an “affidavit of financial means,” which detailed his financial condition through income records and a breakdown of monthly expenses.

Lancaster asserted that tax documents submitted by him and his client overlapped with Hunter Biden’s international business dealings.

A Delaware grand jury summoned Roberts to testify in February of this year, according to her counsel.

According to a November 2019 Arkansas court document, “DNA testing has verified with scientific certainty” that Hunter Biden is the biological father of Roberts’ kid. The youngster is believed to be between the ages of 3 and 4 years old at this point. The paternity lawsuit was resolved in the year 2020, according to the court. It has been decided to keep some evidence in the case sealed.

A representative for the United States Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the progress of Hunter Biden’s investigation or its goals. The office also refused to respond to thenewgod questions on Lancaster’s whereabouts.

According to Lancaster, a former federal prosecutor stated in an interview with thenewsgod that investigators working for the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office made an aggressive attempt, which was confirmed by a former federal prosecutor.

Littmann, a former United States Attorney, believes the issue is “as bad as a heart attack,” and he isn’t kidding when he says that. “People are being admitted to and dismissed from the grand jury at an alarming rate. They are attempting attempt to cross the chasm between the worlds. They’re putting up a good battle.”

Hunter Biden’s business operations have been the subject of a wide-ranging FBI investigation, it has been discovered in recent weeks. According to multiple sources, Hunter Biden and his colleagues are being probed to determine whether they violated tax, money laundering, and foreign lobbying restrictions.

“A large tax debt” was paid off by Hunter Biden, according to the New York Times, earlier this month.

The case is being prosecuted by David C. Weiss, the United States Attorney for the District of Delaware. The Biden administration did not replace Weiss with a Democratic appointee because it did not want to appear to be interfering with the probe. Instead, the government decided to keep Weiss on the job.

There are several questions that the White House has referred to the Justice Department for clarification.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, reacted to questions about Hunter Biden by stating, “I’m a spokesperson for the United States of America.” When asked about the investigation’s focus on her son, she responded by saying, “He doesn’t work for the government.”

Hunter Biden’s attorney has yet to respond to the situation.