A Newbies Guide To Image Licensing

Did you know that users upload almost two billion photos to the web every single day? Although there are many photos that you are specifically for commercial use, you need to get the proper licensing so that you have them legally in your possession.

Have you ever wondered about the different types of image licensing for stock photos from the web? Here is a brief guide on how to license photos for your commercial use.

What is Image Licensing?

When someone takes a photo or designs a graphic, they are the owner of that image until they grant licensing rights to potential buyers. An image license gives the buyer certain rights over the image, which are determined by the owner.

These rights include the number of times they can use the image or the length of time. Read more here about getting a license for any images that you need.

Royalty Free License

Most of the time when you purchase an image, you also need to pay the creator every time that you use the image in your work. The payments that the creators receive are called royalties.

If you do not want to pay fees every time you use a picture, then you may be interested in a royalty free license. These are pictures where you pay a one-time fee for unlimited use. These are very popular with stock photograph websites.

Public Domain Image License

When an image’s rights expire, the image becomes public domain. You may have heard of public domain books and other material that is available for free on the internet through archives.

Public domain image licenses are very similar to other types of public domain media. There is not a defined timeline for when a picture becomes part of the public domain. If you do not know, it may be best to check with the country that published it.

If you do not want to pay for images, then you can always use the internet to find copyright free images. These are pictures that you can use completely free of charge, and you also do not have to credit the creator or photographer.

These images are great if you are working on a budget and you want to save some money on your media campaigning. For copyright free images, try looking at up-and-coming photographers. They may waive the copyright for exposure to sell their work later.

Learn All About Image Licensing

If you are confused about image licensing, you should not have to worry about whether you are doing it right. With this guide, you can decide which type of licensing is the best fit for your photograph needs.

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