A Massachusetts man has been charged with the attempted kidnapping of a woman along a major highway.

Tyler Healey, 23 years old, is accused of indecently groping and dragging the woman, causing her top to be pulled off as a result of his actions.

Police in Massachusetts claimed they apprehended a man this week on suspicion of attempting to kidnap an unidentified female pedestrian while walking along the street.

The police department in Burlington apprehended Tyler Healey (age 23) on Tuesday, according to Police Chief Thomas Browne. He is facing charges of detaining an adult by indecent means and battery on a person 14 or older, among other things. He has also been charged with assault with the intent to rape and other felonies.

Healey and the victim had never met before the incident.

Whether or whether it was a random attack, “it puts us all back on our feet because that’s not meant to happen in small-town America,” he explained.

His arrest took place in Winthrop, a Boston suburb where Healey is believed to have ties to the Burlington area, says Browne. According to the police chief, he had been living on the streets of Waltham for the past several months. Previously, the Burlington Police Department was unaware of his existence.

Healey is seen on surveillance video from a local business attempting to physically hold a woman walking along the Middlesex Turnpike. The footage appears to show that they were fighting as he appeared to drag her across the road.

The police were alerted by a passing vehicle at 8:20 p.m. Sunday to report that a guy had been spotted dragging a woman from the side of the road. After being frightened by the vehicle’s headlights, the suspect fled on foot as the driver slowed to a stop.

According to authorities, the 37-year-old woman’s shirt was ripped off her shoulders when Healey allegedly touched her indecently during the altercation. According to the police, she was discovered safe and sound.

Browne, who is married and has three daughters, issued an immediate warning to his family, urging them to be cautious of their surroundings following the attack. He referred to the caller as a “hero” for his selfless deeds, and he praised his officers for their bravery in the face of a harsh environment in which law enforcement personnel must operate.


“We’ve been beaten to a pulp over the last two years. A good instance of what it’s like to be a police officer may be found right here “he explained. “They conduct themselves in this manner daily and every setting. They can exhibit their worth.”