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A Guide to Lawyer Marketing Services

Running a business in the modern world isn’t easy. Our society is more capitalistic than ever. While this makes it easier for most people to start their own business, it also creates an incredibly competitive environment.

If you want your law firm to stand out from your competitors, you must invest in quality lawyer marketing. But what kind of lawyer marketing services are out there? Which ones should you invest in?

We’re here to provide an answer to all of your questions. Keep reading for a quick guide on attorney marketing services.

Website Design and Development Services

A modern law firm’s success depends highly on its website. Nearly 90% of consumers research products online before they buy. This includes researching legal services before deciding which law firm to hire.

As such, your website needs to be fast, efficient, and easy to use. A website design and development services can create a website for you that:

  • Loads quickly
  • Is optimized for mobile devices
  • Is aesthetically pleasing
  • Is intuitive
  • Maximizes lead generation

The goal of your website should be to provide a positive user experience while generating leads for your lawyers.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization is one of the most important lawyer marketing strategies. SEO is the coding integrated into websites to increase organic traffic. When a user types in a keyword or phrase, SEO coding dictates what will come up in the search results.

SEO marketing for lawyers helps your website rank on the first page of popular search engine sites, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Using the data-driven approach of these law firm marketing strategies will ensure your law firm attracts more clientele.

Content Creation Services

As noted earlier, the vast majority of consumers do their research to find the right products or services. They educate themselves about their issues using all the available content on the internet. For example, a law firm client will look for more information about their case, the legal process, lawyer fees, and more.

Content marketing services will help you create valuable, relevant content for your blog. When potential clients scour the internet for information, they’ll be more likely to find your website. From there, you can lead them to schedule a free consultation with your law firm.

This type of marketing for attorneys generates leads by building a foundation with potential clients through content. Providing a client with helpful information will make you more credible.

Social Media Marketing Services

Finally, no lawyer marketing plan is complete without a social media marketing strategy. Social media marketing services can help you become more visible on various social media platforms, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Linked-In
  • And more

This form of lawyer advertising will help you grow your brand awareness, communicate with potential clients, and promote your legal services. A social media marketing service can accomplish this through branded content, social media ads, special promotions, maximum engagement, and more.

Need Help with Your Lawyer Marketing?

Are you struggling with attorney advertising? Whether you have a new law firm or are just looking to generate more leads, the lawyer marketing services listed above are a great place to start. While it’s possible to do your own digital marketing, it is a steep learning curve.

If you want more tips on marketing your law firm, we have more to offer. Check out some of our other articles before you go to find more helpful information.