A Guide to LA's Best Night Spots

A Guide to LA’s Best Night Spots

LA and Hollywood go hand in hand with everyone who’s everyone frequenting the many clubs, bars, and restaurants. Whether you’re hitting Malibu Beach, getting your fill of museums along Miracle Mile, or wandering the Hollywood walk of fame, the sun will set and you’ll be left finding something to satisfy your inner party animal. Rich in history, LA is home to many bars and clubs each with its aesthetic. If you’re looking for places to quench your evening thirst, you’ve come to the right place. The majority of bars stop serving alcohol at 2 am; in this article, we will guide you through the hottest nighttime spots in LA.

Warwick, Hollywood

For those of you looking to suit up and embrace your fancy side, this elegant nightclub draws in a sophisticated crowd. Offering a bottle service only, this is a top choice venue for any celebration. If you need to fund your night, why not put your money in one pot and see what comes out the other end over at Ruby Fortune? The nightclub is set within a warehouse and has rustic brick, fireplaces, and exposed ceilings. If you’re a Hollywood hero, you might remember this venue being called Club L.

Academy, Hollywood

This venue houses some of the most notorious names on the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene. With a visit to Academy, you will benefit from a rich experience brought to life by Insomniac – the guys behind LA’s Electronic Daisy Carnival. This venue is enormous, with a spacious dancefloor and a sizeable outdoor patio, making it the perfect venue for a shindig.

Exchange, Downtown

Aptly located where the old LA Stock Exchange used to be, this nightclub brings the sounds and good vibes through its EDM frolics. The venue enjoys paying tribute to the 1920s lifestyle by incorporating rich Art Deco styling. Transformed into a four-story party planet, Exchange has a 1500 person capacity making it the perfect place to shake off a hard day’s sightseeing.

Avalon, Hollywood

Born in 1927, this wild club is located on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, right in the center of the tourist area. Over the years, this club has seen everything from the Beatles playing their first West Coast show to DJ giants Tiesto and Skrillex. This club was the first on the scene to fully embrace the EDM craze. What’s great about this place is that your pure party animal can satisfy your need to dance until 6 am, making it one of the few clubs open past 2 am. You still can’t drink inside past 2 am, but if you stay ahead of the game, you’re onto a winner.

There’s no doubt that the people of LA know how to party, with the clubs above barely scratching the surface. Bars in LA have a rich history that tells the story of rock gods’ past. Wherever you are in LA, there’s a nightclub waiting for you to unleash your inner demon.