A “desperate and desperate” deflection, Pence calls Joe Biden’s “MAGA mob extremism” remark.

According to Former vice president Mike Pence, President Biden’s low approval ratings are the result of his administration’s unsuccessful policies on abortion, immigration, and international affairs.

As a result of the administration’s deteriorating approval ratings, former Vice President Mike Pence describes President Biden’s claim of extremism against the “MAGA mob” as a “desperate” attempt to divert attention away from the administration’s failings.

Following a leaked Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, as well as Republican support for ending federal protections for abortion and transferring that power to the states, President Joe Biden dubbed the anti-abortion movement, known as MAGA, the “most extremist” political movement in recent United States history.

“Can you tell me who will be the next target of an attack?” Biden enquired as to what he should do in the situation. This is because the MAGA mob is unquestionably the most radical political group to have existed in American history—at least in recent American history.


“To be fair to President Biden, he comes across as desperate in this interview. It has the odor of a desperate administration attempting to make a political point.” Vice President Pence revealed this in an exclusive interview with The News God before delivering his graduating address at Patrick Henry College in Virginia on Saturday.