A Beginners' Guide to Understanding CBG

A Beginners’ Guide to Understanding CBG

We all have heard of CBD and THC, but CBG has also started getting mentioned everywhere. As everyone can already guess, it is also derived from the Cannabis plant and it is one of the 120 identified cannabinoids. CBG is short for Cannabigerol and it is being called the mother of cannabinoids. It is actually the stem cell of the hemp plant and all other plant-based cannabinoids are derived from it. 

A Brief of History of CBG

Although not many have heard of it before, CBG was actually identified back in 1964 by some Israeli scientists. However, that was not enough to make it popular. It made its name when some Japanese researchers showed what it really is. They told the world that it starts as the precursor of THC and CBD. Their initial acidic form is later converted to active versions of these cannabinoids through heat and time. 

CBG is not as abundant as other cannabinoids. It is found in very small quantities in marijuana and hemp plants. It is even called a minor cannabinoid because it has barely 1% concentration in marijuana and 2% in hemp. 

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Many cannabis enthusiasts are not experimenting by cross-breeding and using different methods to extract cannabinoids. These experiments have led them to produce more CBG than ever. It is also believed to be more promising with more benefits. 

Benefits of CBG:

There is still research going on about this drug and its full potential is yet to be discovered. However, its various forms have proven to be quite useful for various conditions. For example, you can follow the link to read all about the benefits of CBG oil in this article. Here is a brief summary of how it might help us in the future.

Cure Glaucoma

A study showed that CBG has the power to relieve pressure in the eye without affecting the sleep phases of the patient. 

Increases Appetite

Just like CBD and THC, CBG is also believed to help stimulate the appetite of patients suffering from chronic illnesses. By eating more, they can strengthen their immune system and heal faster. 

Control Inflammation

CBG also has anti-inflammatory properties like most other cannabinoids. An experiment on mice showed that it decreased their bowel inflammation. 

Boosts Energy

While CBD might put its consumers in a calm and sleepy mode, CBG energizes them. You might feel a boost in energy and get more active. 

Its Legality is Still Uncertain

Even CBD is still not legal in all states. The states where it is legal also only allow a limited amount of traces of THC. As long as the THC levels are less than 0.3%, it is likely to be legal. If the THC level increases the specified amount, it would be illegal even if derived from a marijuana plant. 

With the controlled amount of THC, you should be able to buy and consume it in more than fifty states. However, it’s still in the grey area and specific decisions by the government about CBG might take years.