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A Basic Pool Maintenance Guide

Over 10 million American households have pools, which shows how much we love having our own oasis.

Regardless of whether you own a commercial or residential pool, both need a huge amount of maintenance all year round. Sure, it sounds overwhelming, but when you know the basics then it can quickly become part of your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re currently in this situation and are looking for pool maintenance tips to keep swimmers safe.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here’s our basic pool maintenance guide.

Prioritize Good Circulation

Experts in swimming pool care understand the importance of good circulation. This means the water is moving correctly, thanks to a pump and filter. If not, the water will quickly become green and could put swimmers’ healthy at risk.

To get it right, run the pump for 10 hours a day, both when it’s empty and in use. You should also clean the filter to prevent it from clogging and damaging the pump system. Plus, use pool chemicals to keep the water clean and balanced, which will reduce the strain on the pump and filter system.

Clean Regularly

Like your home, it’s important to regularly prioritize pool cleaning as it keeps the water safe while saving time in the long run. It’s also a great way for spotting problems early to give you peace of mind.

Start by buying a pool vacuum and brush to clean the surfaces and backwash your filter often. If you have little time, invest in an automatic pool cleaner.

Balance Chemicals

A crucial element of pool care is balancing the chemicals and testing the water every week. Buy a test kit as it’s easy to use and comes with everything you need. As you do this, check the pool’s pH, look out for calcium hardness, and test its alkalinity.

Also, shock the pool every two weeks. This is where you overload the water with sanitizer to eliminate any bacteria or contaminants that could infect swimmers. As a general rule, the more you use the swimming pool, the more you should shock the pool.

If learning the ins and outs of pool maintenance has piqued your interest, get certified so you can help others. You can do this by checking out: https://poolcerts.com/online-cpo-certification/.

Winterize Your Pool

Make sure you follow seasonal pool maintenance guidance, especially during the cooler months.

Don’t leave your pool alone as it could damage the internal system, which will cost you a fortune in repairs. Instead, before winter arrives, deep clean the swimming pool and reduce the water level. And invest in a pool cover to prevent debris from building up.

Our Pool Maintenance Guide

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re an expert in pool maintenance.

There are basic pool maintenance tips to follow, such as prioritizing good circulation and cleaning the swimming pool regularly. You should also balance chemicals and always winterize your pool to protect it. Good luck!

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