9 ways to advertise your small or local business

9 ways to advertise your small or local business

When you start a small business of local services, you are ready to serve people and help them with your unique set of skills. But how will they come to you if they don’t know about you? Marketing techniques help you reach the relevant audience and help them find you quickly so you can work with mutual understanding. Your personal brand has to be put on the audience’s radar by making an impression that stays for the time they need your services.

You can reach them in two very different ways with their set advantages. You will want to use the combination of two different approaches for measurable leads and customers.

Through physical media:

Cut down on the discovery time by reaching out to people to help them find your local/small business. It might take double the time for people to find your business on their own for the services they are looking for when you are offering more than one service. Print media/physical advertising helps put you on the map for your local crowd. And let’s be honest, the local public is more flexible than the clients you find online.

Here are 5 ways to gather local clients for your small business.

1. Use print advertising:

Pamphlets and brochures: when you hand in a leaflet or brochure with a call to action line, the person is likely to check the product/services offered, twice as likely to read it if it is an attractive piece of writing, and likely to save it if the services are relevant to the customer.

However, the process starts with printing pamphlets and brochures. And If printing and advertising are done properly then it makes a greater impact on the growth of your business. In addition, they are a great way to offer a brief or detailed summary of services you provide to the people and why they need you.

Business cards: You have interacted with an individual or worked for a client, now is the time to retain the customer. If you offer a required service time and again or want to be remembered for any future tasks depending on the service you just provided, a business card is what you offer them. Furthermore, it gives you an edge as you already have worked with them or have interacted with a conversation.

Mailers: Getting mail from the new business that’s offering their services in your locality is sure to make an impression to generate future leads for you. Make sure you include bright fonts and graphics to make it attractive. Then, you make it a step further by offering a gift card or similar value for the customer, giving them a reason to visit you.

Banners: Most marketing events are flooded with sponsors name all over their entrance and halls. These names aren’t just as appreciation tokens for sponsoring the event but also help in increasing brand awareness among the visitors. So, if you want your brand to reach people across different corners, sponsor some events if possible and get your name of the step and repeat

2. Target and offer:

If you offer a product or service that is more appealing to a set of similar leads, you might want to target the audience. For example, if you provide attractive benefits to school groups, you want to target students by visiting the hangouts near school, flyers outside to the student-frequented places.

3. Customer loyalty program:

When you have a customer who chose you, how to ensure that he keeps choosing you? You build a customer loyalty program or a point collection system that helps the customer shop more and select your business for future instances.

4. QR codes:

An amalgamation of digital and physical advertising media, QR offers your leads to look at your business more closely and decide if they want to buy from you. One way to succeed is to provide coupons or some special deals for the customers to direct them to your website and spend time there. Implement a set of steps or games to play and win, increasing their time on your website.

5. Large fonts:

Large fonts immediately capture attention, and the people will retain the call to action promoted by large fonts. Including discounts, offers or sales may generate more results. Large fonts refer to banners, window graphics, street graphics, large floor prints, and places where it is easy to grab attention.

Through social media:

It’s simple logic – if people don’t know it yet, help them find it. People spend so much time on social media that you’d be crazy not to inform them about your services through these readily available social media platforms.

6. Pay per click:

You Google your needs and you can use Google to your advantage by advertising on Google. You generate twice the amount you invest in Google advertising in pay per click. Google ads are highly targeted as your business will be seen only by the interested people. It is excellent for small as well as large companies. You only have to pay for people who click on your URL.

7. Email marketing:

Drafting a personalized email is similar to writing a written letter only on one person. You can highlight why they need your services or business and how you can help them to generate results or offer your services. Email lead generation is highly personalized and can infer to only one person with optimized special services that only you offer.

8. Social media marketing:

Use Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels to advertise or offer your services to the largest market in the world. You can connect with everyone and everywhere, which exponentially increases your customer radar. You only have to use the already available tools to increase your reach, like hashtags, cold messages, and gather loyal followers by posting relevant content.

9. Influencer marketing:

You can hire an influencer with an excellent reach to advertise your services. Or give referrals and referral codes for everyone who reaches you through the influencer market. They charge you a small amount to refer to their followers, organize coordinated content or partnerships for higher reach.


Take your business to new heights by implementing both online and organic methods to reach the relevant people that are potential leads. Your business is a great idea; you need the right tools to make your business a booming success. The above methods will help generate genuine leads for your business online and locally.