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9 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor after a Car Accident

As unfortunate as it seems, 18000 car accidents happen every day in the US alone. Now, this does not even include the ones that go unreported. A car accident is a risky possibility every time you head out on the road. While we cannot control how other people operate their vehicles, having a careful approach on the road can save you from potential disasters. If you ever come across an accident, make sure to contact 911, your insurance providers and stay at the location until medical help arrives for the rescue. Many people who happen to be in a minor accident end up ignoring the need for medical treatment. 

We simply cannot emphasize just HOW WRONG this is. 

Major or minor, you need to seek medical assistance immediately after an accident. Your doctor will conduct a detailed health evaluation to assess the severity of your condition and then prescribe medical treatment. Now, many people want to ask doctors about their health, but they just don’t know what to ask. Here are some things that every car accident victim must as their doctor: 

What Are My Injuries? 

Some doctors focus on providing you with the treatment instead of explaining the injuries. It is a common practice, and many people take their word and move on. Asking about your injuries is a great way to understand what actually went wrong with your body during the accident. If you ask, there is a much greater possibility that they will dive deeper into details to clarify your queries. Don’t hesitate to follow up but make sure not to ask the same thing again and again. 

Do I Need Any Medicines To Recover? 

Before you ask about medication, make sure to inform your doctor about everything that happened at the accident scene. Your doctor will judge the severity of your condition before prescribing medication. You also need to tell them about any other medicines you are currently taking (for instance, diabetes). Usually, doctors prescribe over-the-counter drugs for pain and any kind of physical or mental stress. Anti-allergies and antibiotics are recommended. However, if your injury has worsened over time or it is at a critical stage, injections might be required.

What Is My Long-Term Recovery Process?

Sometimes, even the most minor injuries like whiplash can have seriously damaging results to your body. Understanding the long-term look on your road to recovery is not only important for your overall health. It is also an essential factor in financing your medical or having a figure in mind when claiming compensation. 

When you visit your doctor, ask them the time it will take to recover fully from the injury. A full recovery consists of both your physical and mental well-being. For some injuries like whiplash, it may just be a matter of weeks for a full recovery but on the other hand. However, suppose you suffer from complicated injuries like a herniated disc in the neck. In that case, it can take months for complete recovery. Now a doctor may not be able to give you an exact date, but they will help determine the estimated time.

Can I Resume My Job? 

One of the worst side-effects of an accident is your financial ones. A lot of people lose work time or even their jobs if the recovery time is too much. If you cannot resume your job, it is important to seek confirmation from the doctor so that this comes up in the compensation you file. 

Other than this, long-term rest and precaution are necessary for a complete recovery. A lot of people do not take sufficient bed rest, and in return, their condition becomes worse. A woman claimed that insufficient rest had led her whiplash to become a constant chronic pain. So make sure to discuss this with the doc. 

What Will Be My Treatment Plan? 

Now your treatment plan is not a one-day thing. Accident victims need to go through a series of appointments, tests, and even stays at the hospital, depending upon the complexity of their injury. If the jury knows the effort you are putting in to recover fully, there is a huge possibility that they will award you total compensation for the treatment. It is also easy for you to claim insurance. To be able to explain that the treatment is about making your case much stronger and when you are right there explaining everything by yourself, it means that your health and recovery from the accident means a lot to you. 

Do I Need Alternate Care? 

Sometimes, getting physical therapy becomes a necessary part of the treatment. Physical therapy is beneficial in improving your lost stamina, determining the present limitations of the body, and helping you recover without the need for further medication. Asking your doctor about the need for a therapist will help you add this to your compensation claim. 

Other than a regular physical therapist, many people prefer going to a chiropractor. A chiropractor will help you align your spine by performing various adjustments and spinal manipulation techniques. Usually, spinal decompression helps you feel much better as it aligns your body parts and organs in place.

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What Are Possible Outcomes Of Treatment? 

Your diagnosis may not be clear-cut. There might be a variety of issues, complications, and consequences in your future. It is critical to question your doctor if your prognosis is specific or unclear.

This inquiry might help you and your attorney determine the scope of what will happen later on. Understanding the potential outcomes in your circumstance might help you construct a more thorough argument. While most doctors hide certain aspects of treatment from the patients, you can milk full information out through different questions.

Is There Any Need For A Specialist Doctor? 

The first car accident doctor you visit will diagnose the injuries, develop a clear-cut plan for recovery, and give you a general idea of what you are going through. However, sometimes certain damages can become so complicated that they require a different kind of treatment – a treatment from a specialist doctor. 

Specialists are highly skilled medical practitioners who specialize in certain regions and systems of the human body. If your treating physician suspects you have experienced a traumatic brain injury, he or she will most likely send you to a qualified neurologist – a doctor who specializes in the human brain. Alternatively, if your back was hurt in a vehicle accident, your doctor may make an appointment for you to see an orthopedist that specializes in spine diseases and injuries.

Is It Possible For Me To Have Access To My Medical Copies? 

By analyzing your medical records, your attorney can assist you in building your case. If there are any gaps or extra inquiries, they can identify them and follow up on them. The other party is likely to want a copy of your medical records as well. Obtaining a copy of your files takes you one step ahead of the game, allowing you and your attorney to begin constructing your case.


Car accidents are common, but it is essential to seek medical treatment immediately. We have discussed some important questions to ask your doctor during the treatment. Not only are they important in proper recovery, but you can also file a strong claim for compensation.