8 Weight loss myths people often believe in 

8 Weight loss myths people often believe in 

With regard to losing weight, there are so many myths that are slowing down your progress. Those myths occurred when people didn’t know much about weight loss, but today, many self-proclaimed weight-loss experts are spreading false information too. How often have you tried some tips your friend suggested to you, but it didn’t work out? In this article, we will expose some of the most common weight loss myths.

  • Drinking warm water with lemon in the morning

Adopting this habit will surely benefit your health, and it will benefit your kidneys and hydrate you. But, there isn’t scientific evidence that drinking warm water with lemon on an empty stomach will help you lose weight. If you enjoy sipping this beverage in the morning, you can continue this, and it can’t harm your health. It would be helpful if you understood that there isn’t a magic potion for weight loss. Drinks such as water and cinnamon, coffee, or apple cider vinegar won’t melt your stomach fat.

  • Eliminating all the carbohydrates from your diet is necessary for weight loss

Not only is this very difficult to do, but it can also harm your health. Low-carb diets are tough to maintain, and you tend to overeat after reaching your results; this leads to the yo-yo effect. You can eat carbs in reasonable amounts, but you have to make sure you are in a calorie deficit to lose weight. 

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  • You can lose fat from a part of the body you choose

The entirely false fact, your body can’t lose fat just from your stomach or arms, and you can’t choose the part of the body you will lose fat from. First, this depends on many factors, and your body is burning fat from your entire body simultaneously.

  • Fat makes you overweight

This opinion has been around since ever, but it’s wrong. Fat doesn’t affect our weight more than carbs, and healthy fats are essential for weight loss, and diets high in fat show excellent results when it comes to losing weight. 

  • Obese people are unhealthy

If you are skinny, it doesn’t mean you are healthy. Your genetics and metabolism allow you to eat whatever you want without gaining weight. But, even if you don’t need to lose weight, you should eat healthily. There are many obese people, a lot healthier than people with healthy body weight. Why? Genetics, choice of food, activity levels, and others. Wholesome food can make you gain weight too if you eat it in enormous amounts. But it can’t hurt your health like eating fast food. 

  • Eating breakfast will help you lose weight

Skipping breakfast doesn’t necessarily mean that you will gain weight. If you aren’t hungry in the morning, you don’t have to have a plentiful breakfast. Then make sure that the rest of your meals have the right amount of calories so you can be in a calorie deficit. 

  • Supplements improve your weight loss

That isn’t entirely true. Supplements can help you with exercising at a higher intensity which can lead to weight loss. But it doesn’t mean it will necessarily help you to lose weight; the only reason most people think supplements help them is the placebo effect. Supplements should be just an addition to a healthy diet and exercising.  

  • It doesn’t matter what you are eating till you are counting calories

You are what you eat. You should be trying to lose weight because of health, and by eating junk food, you are harming it, so you won’t be healthy even if you lose weight. Also, there is time that is necessary for your stomach to digest different kinds of food. So your stomach will have to put less effort into digesting salads, fruits, and vegetables than junk food. 

Final thoughts

If you tried any of these myths to lose weight, and you feel like you wasted your time. Do you want to achieve faster and better results without procrastinating? Visit your doctor, dietitian, or weight loss clinic to consult the experts.