Renting a flat in an unknown city can be quite an ordeal. From contacting the real estate broker agency to sorting the several rental options to find the perfect 1 bhk for rent in Ahmedabad, the entire process can be overwhelming. More often than not, the tenants tend to overlook the most important details when selecting a flat. In this article, we have mentioned some key things to remember before renting a flat in Ahmedabad.

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  • Rental Agreement: Before you rent a flat in Ahmedabad, you must have the tenancy agreement in your hand. Once you are given the rental agreement by the landlord, screen it thoroughly. Go through each term and condition of the agreement. The most important terms you must definitely read are the amount to be paid as the security deposit, monthly rental amount, mode of payment, duration of the lease, and the rate at which rent can be increased in the future.

When reading the agreement, see if there is any hidden cost. Check if anything is mentioned about maintenance charges? Has the previous utility bill has been paid? Is the utility bill included in the rental charges or are they to be paid separately? In case there are any existing damages then you will take care of them?

  • Bathroom and Kitchen: The bathroom and kitchen are the two important rooms that are to be checked when renting a flat in Ahmedabad. Check if the windows and door of the bathroom are constructed using water-proof and durable materials. Also, the door should have proper bolts and locks. Check the furnishings of the kitchen. See if the white goods such as refrigerator, toaster, coffee machine, washing machine, dishwasher, etc provided by the landlord are working properly. Also, there is be a proper connection for the gas and stove must be in the working condition. Don’t forget to check the water pressure in the taps and shower and make sure that there are sufficient water outlets.
  • Flooring: When exploring the flat to be rented in person, make sure to check the condition of the flooring. The flooring must be durable, water-proof, and sturdy enough to handle heavyweight. Also, the floor must be easy-to-clean, there should not be any loose tiles or marble coming out. The cracked and damaged floor can be hazardous for kids or pets, so look for the same.
  • Security features: When planning moving to an unknown city and that too alone, the most important factor you need to consider when renting a flat is security. While you inspect the potential flat, check all doors installed in the property and see if their locks are working smoothly. You must check the quality of the locks to know if they are not made of flimsy material. Apart from locks, look for other security features. The building in which you are going to rent the flat must be well equipped with 24/7 working CCTVs and a watchman should be hired at the gate of the building.
  • Power Points: Oftentimes renters overlook this important point. Before you shift into a particular rental property, always remember to check all the power outlets. The power points must be in working condition and also see if the earthing has been properly done to protect yourself from getting an electrical shock. Old and damaged power outlets can cause risk to the individual’s life. Apart from this, also make sure that there are enough power points and all are placed in such a way suiting your lifestyle.
  • Walls: Many rentals face the problem of loud noises coming from the neighbor’s houses due to thin walls. The sad truth is that flats build solely for renting purposes are not constructed using qualitative material. Therefore, before choosing any rental flat check if the walls are thick enough to stop incoming and outgoing unwanted noise.
  • Storage Space: Checking the storage capacity of the potential flat is a must. When it comes to storage space, we are not talking about just your wardrobe, but also cabinets, and shelves. The flat you are going to rent must have enough storage space to help you to organize all your belongings cleanly and pleasantly.
  • Social Infrastructure and amenities: Once you are done checking the condition of the flat, evaluate the social infrastructure of the area where you are planning to rent a flat. It is more convenient to live in an area equipped with efficient social infrastructure including shopping complexes, hospitals, grocery stores, gas stations, green spaces, food outlets, and many other facilities. You may prefer to live in a society providing enough amenities including a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, pet areas, parking space, etc. therefore, look for the same before signing the lease.


So, these are some important areas that are to be checked when looking for a 1 bhk flat in Ahmedabad on rent.