The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

8 Incredible Things to Do in Las Vegas

Thanks to all the lights, Las Vegas is the brightest spot on the globe!

All these lights come in handy when lighting up all of the hotels and attractions. There’s no shortage of entertainment in Sin City, but deciding what to do is overwhelming.

Should you go see a few shows during the evening? What about stopping at some of the casinos? Is there anything to do with a family?

We’ll answer your questions with the below list. Check out the 8 best things to do in Las Vegas.

1. The Venetian

One of the most iconic and best places in Las Vegas is The Venetian.

This hotel features a well-known casino and the Grand Canal where you can take gondola rides in Las Vegas’s version of Venice. Even if gambling isn’t your idea of a good time, a gondola ride is a great idea for tired feet.

2. Bellagio Fountains

Whether you’re with friends or family, one of the Las Vegas attractions you can’t miss is the Bellagio Fountains.

This exciting light and water show captures the attention of thousands each day. Set aside time during an evening to watch the show in all of its glory.

3. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Do you need a break from your Las Vegas event planning for the weekend?

Take a step away from Maid of Honor duties to snap a cute Instagram photo by the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. It’s a landmark known by people across the world. You can find it on the southern end of The Strip.

4. Mob Museum

Step back into the era of America’s famous mobsters, such as Al Capone, by visiting the Mob Museum. This museum finds its origin amongst the Kefauver Committee hearings– popular hearings that held the aim of exposing crime in America.

You’ll discover hidden secrets of organized crime and see well-known faces that have been printed plenty of times on wanted lists.

5. The Strip

Shop until you drop during your trip to Las Vegas by exploring the epic Las Vegas Strip.

The Strip features a majority of the city’s most popular landmarks, including the Bellagio Fountains. There’s also plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs, and casinos to check out during your stroll.

6. The High Roller

Need a break between the Las Vegas parties? Hop on the giant Ferris wheel, The High Roller, for an amazing view of the city.

This 30-minute experience gives you a look over the entire Las Vegas Strip. Make sure to have plenty of camera storage space cleared before hopping on.

7. Fremont Street

Explore Old Vegas by walking along Fremont Street.

It’s one of the best places in Las Vegas to grab a cocktail, explore classic casinos, and catch street performers. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

8. Picasso

If you have a good chunk of change to spare, head to Picasso.

This French-style restaurant serves up delicious cuisine and is the home of several authentic Picasso paintings. You can find this Las Vegas gem in the Bellagio Hotel.

Eat some caviar and oysters for us!

The Most Epic Things to Do in Las Vegas

The great thing about Sin City is there’s something for everyone! Family and friends alike will enjoy the variety of things to do in Las Vegas.

Whether you want to dance all night or hang out at a casino, there’s no shortage of fun. Just make sure to pack some comfortable shoes and electrolytes!

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