8-bit Microcontroller

8-bit Microcontroller N76E003AT20: Features, CAD Model, Instructions and more

N76E003 Series Overview

The N76E003 series products are 8-bit architecture, 1T 8051-based microcontrollers with many enhanced peripherals, and equipped with SPI, I2C, and 2 UART interfaces to provide excellent connectivity sufficiency.

Parts from this family have 1 KB of SRAM as well as 18 KB of flash memory and support updating programs in the manner of ISP, ICP, and IAP

N76E003 microcontrollers have multiple power control modes that help save the overall energy consumption and heat dissipation of the circuits.

When concerned with clock control, the built-in 16 MHz Internal RC oscillator unit was trimmed to ±1% at its minimum.

The part has wide-range of CAD Model applications and finds its significant place in fields like small home appliances, system monitoring, Arduino project, thermostat, etc.


  • Low power consumption (Min. supply voltage of only 2.4V)
  • Capable of working under -40°C ~ 105°C
  • Capable for high current operating
  • LDO, Power-on Reset, Brown-out detection power management and monitors
  • Versatile development tools
  • DPTRs (Dual Data Pointers)
  • Built-in IAP (In-Application-Programmable)s


CAD Model

Pin Assignment

8-bit Microcontroller


8-bit Microcontroller

3D Model

8-bit Microcontroller

Package Dimensions (TSSOP)

8-bit Microcontroller

8-bit Microcontroller

Circuit Diagram

8-bit Microcontroller



  • Mounting Type – Surface Mount
  • Package / Case – 20-TSSOP (0.173, 4.40mm Width)



  • Operating Temperature – -40°C~105°C TA
  • Packaging – Tube
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) – 1 (Unlimited)
  • Oscillator Type – Internal
  • Number of I/O – 18
  • Speed – 16MHz
  • RAM Size – 1K x 8
  • Voltage – Supply (Vcc/Vdd) – 2.4V~5.5V
  • Core Processor – 8051
  • Peripherals – Brown-out Detect/Reset, I2S, POR, PWM, WDT
  • Program Memory Type – FLASH
  • Core Size – 8-Bit
  • Program Memory Size18KB 18K x 8
  • ConnectivityI2C, SPI, UART/USART
  • Data Converter – A/D 8x12b
  • EEPROM Size – 4K x 8


  • Non-RoHS Compliant


N76E003AS20, Z51F6412ATX, N76E003AQ20, Z51F6412ARX, Z51F3220FNX, Z51F3220SKX


Where to Use

  • Electrical meter
  • Low power embedded system
  • Reverse current and discharge protection in power electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Motor control
  • Battery chargers
  • Remote control systems

Typical Schematic

8-bit Microcontroller

Above is the suggestion circuit of the N76E003AT20 ICP (In-Circuit-Programming). The IPC method is a specific way for a microcontroller to communicate over the ICE interface. The microcontroller’s reset circuit is used to set up the part before running the program on its memory.

User Guidelines

– OCD (On-Chip-Debugger) using Restrictions

8-bit Microcontroller


Because N76E003 is rich in functions and limited in pins, there may be multiple functions on one pin. It will happen when using the OCD system.

Sacrifice-some functions, mainly with the following restrictions:


  1. The P2.0/RST pin is used in OCD mode, so the pin can be used neither as input nor as an external reset.
  2. OCDDA shares a pin with P1.6, so the I/O function or other functions of the pin cannot be used.
  3. OCDCK shares a pin with P0.2, so the I/O function or other functions of the pin cannot be used.
  4. When the system is in idle or power-down mode, any access may be invalid because part of the peripheral clock has stopped. Read access is possible

Return useless data; write access may not be successful.

  1. HIRC cannot be turned off because OCD needs this clock to monitor internal working status. In debug mode, the instruction to turn off HIRC will not afford

Function, the CPU will continue to run when the HIRC enters the power-down mode.

– WDT (Watchdog Timer)

8-bit Microcontroller


When the value of register CKDIV is not equal to 00H, the system clock frequency is split; if this occurs after the MCU is powered off, the WDT Reset will fail. So, while N76E003 is in power-down mode, use WKT to wake it up.


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About the Manufacturer

Nuvoton Technology Corp was founded with the vision of creating an era of innovative inspiration.it has extended Winbond’s product lines of Computer Logic IC business; core technology, partnerships; customers and sales, etc, as well as continue to enhance product innovation and to comprehend the needs of terminal application market, and provide superior service to our customers based on the existing foundation, until it was carved-out as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corp. in July 2008.