7 Wonderful Health Benefits of Vodka You Must Know

7 Wonderful Health Benefits of Vodka You Must Know

Vodka was initially concocted as medicine in Eastern Europe in the 14th century before having it as an alcoholic drink. Before it became a meme and a national drink for Russians, Vodka was originally a remedy to fight the unforgiving cold weather.

This iconic spirit is made from potatoes. It underwent fermentation and a series of distillations. The process produced a distinct odourless and colourless appearance with a strong flavour of ethanol.

Since Vodka was initially made as a remedy, does it have health benefits? In this post from Bevmart, let’s discover the different health benefits of Vodka— in proper consumption.

In Australia, Vodka is highly popular and part of the 24 million litres of spirits every year. But it’s pale in comparison to the Russians. According to statistics, an average Russian consumes 6.6 litres of pure Vodka every year.

Though the Aussies do not mainly focus on producing Vodka, various homegrown craft brands grow in popularity. They too produce exceptional Vodka at home and are gradually picking up with the industry’s big players.

  1. It’s Used as An Antiseptic

An average vodka bottle contains 40% alcohol (80 proof), while other brands can get a lot higher. Thus, it’s considered a natural antiseptic and disinfectant. In some parts of Europe, Vodka is used to treat small wounds and toothaches. It’s also used as a cleaning agent in households. It’s astonishing to learn that Vodka is more than just the alcoholic drink we used to know. It’s used for various purposes for both household and hygiene.

  1. Effective Stress Reliever 

Similar to other types of alcoholic drinks, Vodka is an effective stress reliever. Alcohol intoxication relaxes our body, relieving tension and pressure after a tiring day at work. In particular, Vodka is better than red wine in terms of beating stress in just a few sips. But further scientific studies are needed to solidify this claim.

  1. Good for the Heart

Vodka increases and improves blood circulation in our body. It helps in declogging arteries and veins. It helps prevent from developing cardiovascular diseases like stroke. Vodka also helps lower cholesterol since it contains very low calories (231 calories per 100 grams). Thus, Vodka is a very popular base ingredient for many cocktail drinks. Flavoured vodka cocktail drinks are widely available online like the ones you can buy at Bevmart.

  1. A Good Skincare Product Alternative

More than just an antiseptic and cleaning agent, it’s also used as a toner or an astringent. Vodka contains disinfectant properties that can clean your skin’s pores deeply. It’s also effective in tightening your facial skin and helps minimise acne breakouts. But you must dilute equal parts of Vodka and water before applying it to your face.

  1. A good Oral Hygiene Alternative 

The high alcohol content in Vodka can clean your mouth effectively to remove bad breath. As mentioned above, Vodka isn’t just effective in treating toothaches, but it can also give you fresh breath. But, practising good oral hygiene is still highly recommended.

  1. Can Alleviate Arthritis Pain

Vodka contains anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate the discomfort brought by rheumatoid arthritis. According to scientific studies, a shot of Vodka can lessen the symptoms of arthritis.

  1. Lessens the Risk in Developing Diabetes

Vodka, like what’s mentioned above, contains fewer calories compared to beer and wine. A shot of this iconic alcoholic drink helps reduce the blood sugar levels in our body. Based on several scientific studies, a glass of Vodka on the rocks can help lower Type 2 diabetes risk.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of reasons to appreciate Vodka. It’s more than just your strong alcoholic drink. The health benefits you read above are just a few of the many that are also equally worth mentioning. But you can only feel its benefits through moderate consumption. Still, a healthy diet and exercise are paramount to maintain good health.