7 Tips for Healthier Looking Eyes

7 Tips for Healthier Looking Eyes

No matter how well you style the rest of your face or put on your biggest smile, the eyes are one area that can give you away, especially when it comes to tiredness or irritation. Healthy eyes are important for caring for your vision, but it’s also important for looking your best. Below are seven great tips for healthier-looking eyes.

1. Get Enough Sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, you can look as tired as you feel, and one area that this is most obvious is in and around the eyes. Without enough sleep, your eyes can risk becoming red and dry, and the skin around your eyes may be dull. Over time, not getting enough sleep can also have a detrimental effect on your skin, which includes fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

2. Use Makeup That Complements Your Eyes

Makeup can be used to accentuate and define — or even create a whole new look. For healthier and more vivid-looking eyes, makeup that works well to complement your eye shape and color can help your eyes to really pop. Makeup can also give tired eyes a helping hand if you’re looking to frame them and have them looking wider.

3. Replace Your Eye Makeup Products

It’s always important to pay attention to the life span of makeup products, and the recommended use-by date is included on the packaging. For eye makeup products, it’s important to dispose of and replace, as advised, to avoid using old makeup products that could increase the risk of infection or irritation in the eye.

4. Treat Lines and Wrinkles

Lines and wrinkles around the eye area can have you looking and feeling older and may also work against a youthful makeup look you’ve applied. Treating lines and wrinkles at the source will help your eyes to look more youthful for longer, which can be achieved with a good skincare routine and toning products like from mynuface.com.

5. Use a Good Eye Cream and Moisturizer

Moisturizer is essential for giving your skin a youthful glow and helping to keep it in its best condition. Using this alongside a beneficial eye cream that is packed full of vitamins and important ingredients will help to keep the skin around your eyes soft and supple, as well as working to reduce bagginess and dark circles.

6. Avoid Eye Strain

Eye strain is extremely common these days, with more and more people glued to their screens or working jobs at a desk. Eye strain can not only make you feel tired and uncomfortable, but it can also leave your eyes looking irritated and hazy.

Make sure you’re doing what you can to prevent eye strain, including:

  • Taking regular breaks
  • Blinking often
  • Working in well-lit conditions
  • Reducing your screen time as much as possible
  • Wearing glasses or lenses if you need to

7. Use Eye Drops

Eyes that are too dry will become irritated, looking and feeling red or sore. Moisture is important for the eyes, and if you can’t get enough moisture as you’d like with blinking or feel your eyes need a little pick-me-up, eye drops are always a good idea for a quick refresh.