7 Tips for Choosing a Cam Follower

7 Tips for Choosing a Cam Follower

Did you know that on a 5.3L engine, you can gain as much as 108hp by replacing the camshaft and the cam followers? With so much to gain from a minor conversion, upgrading it should be one of the first things you do on your next build.

Are you wondering what type of cam follower is best for your next project? Read on below for 7 helpful tips for choosing the right cam followers!

1. Don’t Overam Your Engine

Overcaming the engine is one of the most common blunders made by inexperienced engine builders.

Using a cam with too much duration, valve lift, or overlap can have a negative impact on the timing and performance of the engine.

2. Timing Issues

Engine horsepower is most affected by the timing of the intake valve’s closure.

During the intake stroke, if the intake valve is closed prematurely, the engine’s cylinder may not entirely fill.

3. Pick Wisely

Choosing an upgraded cam from a catalog or website that has dozen of choices won’t likely be the best option. It pays to read the fine print for each type and see which type will work best for your cylinder head, piston, and intake system.

4. Don’t Compare Cams

In the camshaft world, you cant compare one camshaft or different types of cam followers to others.

Different manufacturers have different calculations to measure their camshaft followers’ specifications.

5. Measure the Right Valve Lift

Increasing the valve lift will increase the distance the valve opens, which will increase the amount of fuel and air in the mixture. Increasing valve lift enhances airflow up to a point, thus you want a higher valve lift in a performance cam to achieve maximum performance.

Because of the limits imposed by the cylinder head, intake system, and exhaust system that have been utilized, airflow will eventually reach a peak at a certain point. Valve lift can be increased beyond this point, but it will have no further effect on the performance of your engine.

6. Type of Metal Used on Cam Followers

The type of metal used within the manufacturing of the cam followers will make a big difference in how much performance you gain and how durable the cam actually is.

Cams have to be strengthened by the manufacturer when being built. It is worth doing some research to see how well built the cam is that you are wanting to buy.

7. Type of Vehicle Application

The camshaft determines the engine’s horsepower and the torque curves, so the vehicle application has to be determined to match it. All the other components that go into the valvetrain are the cylinder head, compression ratio, and air induction system.

Increase Your Horsepower

Selecting the right camshaft and cam followers can be a bit tricky, but by the following advice from people before you and following these simple tricks, your vehicle will be well on its way to delivering much more horsepower. A little bit of research will go a long way.

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