7 things to consider when buying an EDC flashlight

7 things to consider when buying an EDC flashlight

An EDC flashlight may be used for a variety of operational and strategic purposes. This is why having a best EDC flashlight as a part of your EDC kit is essential. This will enable you to have a steady light source on hand in a portable form factor.

A diverse collection of flashlights these days are branded as daily life carry flashlights, you may notice yourself curious what tends to make the distinction among good and bad EDC flashlights. Don’t worry, we’ve researched and arranged this best EDC flashlight guide in a super easy way to assist you in this regard!

Despite the fact that everyone’s interests differ, the best EDC flashlights have a few characteristics. We’ve bring together our collection of 7 factors to search for in a good EDC flashlight to help you identify the best of choices.

  1. Controls

7 things to consider when buying an EDC flashlight

H5 with high-performance Osram P9 lamp bead

Anyone who has ever accidently dazzled or burned themselves with a flashlight understands how inconvenient it is to fiddle with intricate controls. If you desire to include an EDC flashlight into your daily use, having a sensible interface and controls makes it far more easy and fun to use the light on a regular basis. Consider flashlights that have simple access to functions; having immediate access to frequently used settings like turbo or ultralow means saving you time and effort. Similarly, having a flashlight with memory ensures that your EDC flashlight automatically switches to the most recently used setting. Many flashlights even have a digital display showing how much power and runtime are remaining. This is a premium option that, if you have it, is really useful.

  1. Carrying Options

7 things to consider when buying an EDC flashlight

WUBEN C2 with a pocket clip

Including a flashlight in your daily carry must be simple or you will not do it! A quality pocket clip will not only keep your flashlight firmly in your pocket or bag, but it will also allow you to position your beam hands-free! You’d be amazed how often the edge of a hat or a shoulder band may prove very useful. Clips that may be used in both directions are especially useful. Another consideration is leather-case or lanyard compatibility. You won’t always wish to carry your flashlight in your pocket. With a belt holster or lanyard, you can carry your EDC flashlight practically anywhere on your person while still keeping it accessible.

These days, a magnetic tail cap is being included into the design of an increasing number of flashlights. This is an excellent method to turn your EDC flashlight into a hands-free light source, which is very useful in roadside or workplaces.

  1. Size

A camp light and a power bank by WUBEN Light

If you’re planning to add or replace your regular carry flashlight, make sure it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, or keychain. The most important factors are portability and accessibility. What’s the point if that’s not the case? You prefer a best EDC flashlight that fits pleasantly in the grip of your hand and has conveniently accessible controls. Super little keychain flashlights may not be suitable for individuals with bigger hands, but somewhat bigger flashlights will be ideal.

The power and range of a light are largely determined by its size, with larger lights typically beating smaller ones. Larger flashlights have a longer run time, whereas smaller flashlights have smaller batteries. It may require some trial and error to figure out the best combination of size and functionality for your best EDC flashlight, but we hope this guide may assist you.

  1. Output Levels

7 things to consider when buying an EDC flashlight

WUBEN A1 with four SPT90 lamps

The output is another important point to remember while buying the best EDC flashlight. Personal choice varies significantly for the output for a best EDC flashlight. Think about how your EDC flashlight will be used. If your daily carry consists largely of requiring a tiny flash, for example, looking for a fallen object underneath your table – you probably do not really require 1000 lumens. If you’re a mechanic or a cop, a high power EDC flashlight may not only be desired, but also required.

WUBEN slim EDC Flashlights for camping, hiking, or everyday use

  1. Power Source

7 things to consider when buying an EDC flashlight

WUBEN C2 with a standard 21700 battery

What best EDC flashlight guide would be meaningful if power sources were not mentioned? Choose a power source that is convenient for you. If you’re new to flashlights, an AA or AAA-powered EDC flashlight is a good place to start. Batteries for these flashlights are widely accessible and need little upkeep. Built-in rechargeable battery is another premium option for your best EDC flashlight. These flashlights can be recharged at home or on the go with an USB cable. They also assist to make your gadget short by eliminating the need for an additional charger. Various lights with changeable batteries have charging connectors built into the light for quick and easy charging, while others do need a separate charger.

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  1. Cost

Budget friendly E62 by WUBEN light

Another most important and must-known point to consider for a best EDC flashlight is cost. Cost varies considerably for different EDC flashlights according to the brand and their features. It is among of the most important things that people keep in their minds while buying something for their daily life. Some people desire for an average cost EDC flashlight that fits better in their budget range, while others don’t care about the cost of the product and look for a best EDC flashlight with more advanced features and options. You must keep in mind your spending range while buying a best EDC flashlight for your daily life and only buy after analyzing different flashlights and buy the one that offer same features but at a lower rate. This would be your best EDC flashlight.

  1. Source or Brand

Last but not the least point for the best EDC flashlight guide is source or brand of the flashlight. Many brands sell low quality products and the durability is quite questionable. Also, for the best EDC flashlight, the source should be authentic like amazon, Ebay or a famous flashlight selling website. In this decade, many sellers have emerged out with their selling services for a better earning. Many of them are doing drop-shipping and don’t focus on their buyers and loyalty but only think about the profit they can generate. If the product you bought is from such a source or brand, you may end up with a very bad experience.

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