7 Tech Gadgets We Take for Granted, and We Can't Live Without

7 Tech Gadgets We Take for Granted, and We Can’t Live Without

Only 100 years ago, life was 99% different from today. Technology has made life different across the globe, and even the most rural and undeveloped parts of the world are now using at least some sort of tech advancements.

In the modern western world, we often take things for granted. We quickly forgot how our ancestors used to live. We have a feeling like tech gadgets were always around us, while they were actually invented only a few years or decades ago.

Our parents probably didn’t have the luxury to enjoy them, but we live in times of comfort and have so many items around us that make life extraordinary. In this article, we’re sharing seven gadgets that we all take for granted. If you’re interested in what they are, follow up and learn.

1. Flashlight

The flashlight is an item invented over 100 years ago, but the modern type, LED flashlights, is only a few decades around. Most people who often find themselves in the dark will be equipped with professional military flashlights capable of providing a lot of lumens, while ordinary people will probably use the torch on their smartphones. Imagine being lost in the dark and having no flashlight. It would be a nightmare.

2. Smartphone

The fact that smartphones are maybe the number one item we depend on today, and we don’t even realize it, is that without mentioning the smartphone, we couldn’t even finish the last sentence.

Smartphones are useful, reliable, helpful, and valuable. There’s everything we need on them. Even our social lives are happening on smartphones. We definitely take smartphones for granted, and if there’s no internet or smartphones, we will live entirely different lives.

3. Phone Charger

No smartphone would ever work without the help of that corded item going into the wall socket, called a charger. The phone charger provides the electricity and power to keep our batteries running. Without them, smartphones are useless, and only when there’s an outage do we realize how much we depend on them.

4. Car computer with a digital map

Before the invention of digital maps installed on our vehicles’ computers, people traveled and looked for locations through a paper map. You had to stop, look into the map, and remember which turn to take. Today, heading to a destination is the simplest thing to do. Just type in the address and listen to what the computer says.

5. Microwave

Did you know that more than 90% of American households have and use a microwave? It makes life so simple. All you need to do is place the food inside and press one button. This amazingly valuable machine does everything else for you. It saves so much time and takes the pressure of cooking meals every morning before work or school.

6. AC

It’s unclear how people lived before the invention of Air Conditioners. The weather and the climate were indeed different some 50 to 100 years ago, but summers were still hot, and winters used to have a lot more snow than today.

Air conditioners saved our lives and the comfort of living and working in perfect conditions. Today, we don’t even press buttons to activate the AC inside the house or when we sit in the car seat. The AC is automated wherever we go, and we definitely take for granted its invention.

7. Smoke and home alarms

Smoke alarms have proven over the years to be so valuable. They prevented thousands, if not millions, of houses from burning down to the ground. When a fire breaks out, it only takes minutes for the flames to take everything down, which is time that most firefighters can’t meet to save the day.

It’s a similar situation with alarm systems that prevent burglars from getting inside your property. These alarms are made to notice and activate a loud sound when someone uninvited comes inside. Modern systems will also alert the police, so thieves in these properties have no chance of stealing.


Are there any of these items that you’re not using daily? We are entirely dependent on technology, and these items prove it. This list can go on forever, but we chose some of the most interesting seven. Phones, chargers, and other digital items are regular parts of our lives.

The future is also exciting. We can’t wait to see how the invention of augmented reality, 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence will affect our lives. Some argue about their safety, but be sure that someone in the year 1920 was also arguing about using vehicles on the streets, and look at us now. The future is bright for us. Let’s see how it will roll out.