7 skills every illustrator must have

Have you long waited to turn your visual talents into a fulfilling career?

Then we believe that the role of an illustrator is an ideal choice for you!

But are you aware of the specific skills that every illustrator is expected to possess?

Well, taking formal training through an illustration course offered in Berlin can not only help you increase your employability rate but also make you proficient at establishing a business in the video games creation, publishing and film making sector.

Read this blog to learn some of the most vital professional skills that earning an undergraduate degree in illustration can help you hone.

  • An eye for detail

This visual talent refers to the sense of abilities and affinity towards visual arts.

If you are someone who has a basic level of drawing skills, then a bachelor’s course in illustration can upgrade your ability to communicate visually, sketch and think in a highly innovative way.

As an illustrator, you will have to spend quality time practising different visual styles to attain a certain final design look, as well as work in a variety of genres.

Sketching in the field of illustration includes determining basic composition for your design and developing relevant ideas to support your work when presenting it to the clients.

  • Ability to work with different types of clients

As an illustrator you’re expected to work within a given deadline, concept and style, delivering the expectations of your client, and be ready for suggestive alternatives.

As a graduate in the field of illustration, you will be trained to respond to feedback, exchange ideas and re-work concepts by implementing creativity at all stages.

  • Excellent social skills

To progress in your illustration career, you must gather your strength to get along with your employers and colleagues, for clear hurdles and articulating ideas.

By completing an undergraduate degree in illustration you will gain a sense of professionalism to increase the likelihood of retaining clients.

  • Storytelling

The illustration journey is all about telling a story through pictures to develop a film, video game, television series, advertisement or printing media.

The creation of a character through a gesture reaction or facial expression and combining mini-stories to engage the audience, keeping them immersed and entertained is what you will become an expert at by undergoing our bachelor’s programme.

  • Analysing visual languages

The course structure is well-curated to transform you into a visual thinker who is sensitive to texture, perspective, shape, colour, scale, balance and proportion ꟷ drawing inspiration from the natural world.

The visual skills developed by the end of the course will give you a solid foundation of cinematography, mood creation and expressing action creatively.

  • Expertise at using technical tools

An undergraduate course in illustration will require you to engage in experiments with various software, giving you first-hand training on working in a specialised environment.

Some of the design software that you will get familiarised with include Adobe’s Photoshop and illustrator, Corel Draw, Autodesk sketchbook and Corel painter.

Do you have a keen interest in the different forms of media?

Then a bachelor’s degree in illustration will give you a top-notch knowledge in visual arts and their interpretation, innovatively and competently.

This formal art training can allow you to land jobs in the field of graphic design, Fine Arts, animation, visual communications and digital media.

Apply soon!