7 reasons why astrology is the essence of life

  1. It is FUN: yes, astrology has its funny side too along with some serious subjects, if you care to explore it. The sun signs, the little fortune-telling tricks, the lucky charm, colorful cards, etc. you may associate sun signs to almost all aspects of life, there are numerous games and party ideas you could play around the signs.
  2. It could be a lifesaver: it allows knowing the future glitches, obstacles, and hurdles, well in advance. So, you are forewarned. On the serious side, astrology could be a life-saver, even if not literally. No one is asking you to do armour and go fighting. You could simply follow some suggestions, advice, and precautions suggested during the reading, and save yourself from many more pains, without doing much. For example, if the astrological reading says that the need to be attentive while dealing with the superiors at work for a month and you follow every advice, you never stand to lose anything.
  3. It is everything about you: the horoscope is a blueprint, a road map of the life- that got created, wisely at the time when anyone born. So, it is very unique as the fingerprints are. Every planet’s placement in the chart or horoscope reveals so much about personality, nature, characteristics, and destiny.
  4. It tells some weaknesses as well: dua for love, horoscope and astrology reading is like seeing a mirror- if they point at the special, focal point, they never hide the flaws. There are some special astrology reading called janampatri, or Kundli scientific astrology that should ideally be done for every child, as it is like looking at the natal possibilities for the person- it tells the entire personality, weaknesses, strengths, and many more.
  5. It will tell the real strengths: the horoscope and the signs- the moon, the sun, and the ascendants- each one is unique, that could help you to trace, reveal and find the strengths- the natural fine qualities you were born with- that you just have to bring out, polish and hone and you must be good to go.
  6. It is insightful and progressive: it will tell whether to move ahead with changing times or not. since astrology takes the account into two major aspects- the birth potential and the effects of the transiting planets on the personal horoscope, the ongoing dashas, planetary periods applicable for you- it is not uni-dimensional. It does not restrict anyone, but it has an inherent message that with changing times, things change; some we may not have since birth, may be presented as an opportunity by planets and life, as we move ahead in life.
  7. It makes a better person: astrologer in India shows the mirror- it showcases your personality, as human beings, we all have given to shortcomings and have flaws, and previously we accept that we are not accurate and perfect, the better. Enlightening psychic reading online by Juneau Empire would tell you to have to get rid of such characteristics of yours- so, in the end, in the order, you get over from troubles, you become a much better, more evolved person.