7 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a House in Kenya
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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a House in Kenya

Renting a house offers many benefits, including no need for significant upfront financial commitment, paying property taxes, dealing with substantial repairs and maintenance, and flexibility to pick a house you like in a location you desire, to mention a few. Nonetheless, such advantages can only be enjoyed if you know where to find the best house and how to enter into a friendly rental agreement. Renting a house in Kenya is not complicated, but due diligence can’t be stressed enough. You can make a few mistakes that could see you in a rental nightmare. Among the top mistakes to avoid when renting a house in Kenya includes:

Rushing in

I want to move out; you are setting yourself up for a frustrating experience with such a mindset. Before you even start looking, make a checklist of what you need—the house’s size, features, your budget, among other considerations, counts. You don’t want to pick a one-bedroom house, for example, that can’t accommodate your family, just because the rent is meager. Houses aren’t made equal. Check out Hauzisha rental listings for Ruaka in Nairobi; you’ll be amazed by the differences, not just by size, modernity, or rent. Considering your situation rather than rushing in helps you pick a rental house you’ll love.

Not visiting

Those catchy photos on online listings are irresistible. Reputable sites use quality and factual photos but don’t make the final decision based on them. A site visit is necessary, considering that you may love the property, but its location might not have a great vibe. A physical visit gives you a feel of the property and neighborhood, ensuring you rent the right house and in the best spot.

Doing it alone

Finding a house to rent in Kenya is not much of a hassle. Nonetheless, it helps if you have help. Your friends, relatives, or enlisting a real estate agent goes a long way. With help, you won’t easily be frustrated if it takes longer to find that dream house. Moreover, you’ll avoid common pitfalls as you have someone whispering in your ears. They are more of a sounding board, helping you find, evaluate, and pick the best rental property.


Don’t assume anything; your previous rental agreement doesn’t apply to your new house. Utilities, for example, might not be included in the rent. Assuming they are can cause significant friction, especially as you realize you picked a house way beyond your budget. Ask as many questions to ensure you make a sound decision and avoid lat minute shocks.

Ignoring the small things

It is the landlord’s responsibility to keep the house in top shape. Before you move in, those minor issues can easily take the backseat. This can come back to haunt you, more so as it might indicate a bigger problem. Ensure that all the repairs are handled before you move in; it’ll save you the stress of a technician coming in when you are all settled or living in a house that’s not at its best as the landlord stalls.

Not documenting

Take as many clear photos of the house before you move in. This is a simple but crucial step most tenants don’t take. It would help if you thought long-term, especially as you don’t intend to live in that rental for the rest of your life. Documenting makes it easier to deal with the landlord, especially if they decide to hang on to your deposit with the claims that you are responsible for damages.

Not understanding the rental agreement

A well-written rental agreement protects you and the landlord. Don’t just sign, though. Ensure you understand every clause. Some details are simple enough, while others require you to read between the lines. If you don’t understand some aspects, don’t ignore them; seek clarification from the landlord. To ensure your rights are protected, seek legal counsel, primarily since the landlord won’t volunteer all the information.

Renting a house in Kenya is simple enough if you follow the proper steps. Finding a dream rental house is easy, especially with extensive listings like Hauzisha. You’ll avoid common mistakes and enjoy a smooth rental with the above pointers.