7 Important Things You Should Know About Courier Services

7 Important Things You Should Know About Courier Services

Since the dawn of time in any society or civilization, the circulation of news, goods, and commodities is a very important aspect. Without this circulation, news and valuable goods will not reach the destination where they are needed and when they are required. Couriers have been around since the Greek and Roman era. It is recorded that courier functions started on foot and later developed to the use of horses and chariots. Courier is one of the earliest professions in the world. Kings and Emperors paid a lot of money to secure the services of couriers.

In 1852, Well Fargo introduced the first delivery company in the United States. It was not reliable because there was no way to track package sent. Nowadays, sending and receiving packages have been made easy with improved technologies and transport systems. Now, let’s dive into the article properly.

Types of Courier Services

Standard: standard courier services involves the transfer and delivery of small-sized packages. It is the cheapest form of delivery because it is not rushed. It is very suitable for goods that are not needed urgently.


It is a faster form of courier delivery than standard. Packages are normally delivered between 24 hours to 72 hours. It is suitable for goods that will be needed in 48 hours or less.

Same Day Delivery

This involves instant delivery of parcels. The packing, transfer, and delivery of the parcel are done within 24 hours. It is very expensive as it requires great urgency.


Freight services are used for large sizes deliveries. It is suitable for very heavy materials such as cars and heavy-duty equipment.

How Long Does Package Delivery Take?

The time it takes for a parcel to arrive at its destination depends on the courier agency, the distance of shipment, custom duties, and cost. And ultimately the type of courier service; be it standard, express, or same-day delivery.

What Goods Are Not Suited For Courier Transport?

The parcels that can be transported depend on the courier company. Some courier companies specialize only in freight haulage. In most cases, packages are rejected when they pose a danger to humans and the transport vehicle. Each courier company has a forbidden items list.

Can Shipments Be Rejected If Not Properly Packed?

Most couriers will refuse improperly packed parcels. The reason for the rejection can be for several reasons. For example, if the parcel could be damaged because of improper packing, or if the parcel poses a hazard because of the packing. Courier companies aim to deliver your parcel safely without damage to the package and also with no hazard to the courier. By following proper packaging guidelines, parcels will not be rejected.

What Is The Insurance On The Shipment?

Courier companies always make their insurance policy known when you want to make deliveries. The best way to know the insurance on a delivered package is to review the insurance policy of the courier company of your choice.

How Do You Avoid Late Deliveries?

It is a major problem for both the client and the courier when deliveries arrive at their destination late. Late deliveries can be more frustrating if the contents of the parcel are needed urgently. The best way to avoid late deliveries is to make use of a reputable courier. Do extensive research and background checks before making a final decision in the courier.

What To Look For When Booking A Courier Service?

When the time reaches to book a courier service provider, several factors must be considered before finally deciding. Some couriers offer delivery as well as storage services, while others only deliver the parcel. Also, the insurance policy, reputation, timeframe of delivery, and the variety of goods that can be delivered should be considered.


Several courier companies offer numerous services which include priority delivery, specialist transport for art haulage, scheduled delivery, and also offer health care logistics. Extensive research of the courier companies will ease your decision on the courier you want to use. Using the wrong service or a scam service can lead to you losing your package or exposing your self to identity theft. So, make sure that you send your packages through a trustworthy and reliable site.