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6 Tips for Moving in Summer

The summer months from May to August are the most popular time of the year for moving. This is the busiest period for movers, so you need to plan your move in advance. The best transport companies fill their schedule quickly and may not provide competitive prices, because demand is already high. If you can, start looking for movers at least six – eight weeks before the required date. Not only will you (most likely) have to deal with higher transportation costs, but you will also have to prepare for working with hot weather. After all, lifting furniture and heavy boxes under the scorching sun is not an easy task. To help you, we have included some tips for moving in the summer heat.

  1. Start moving preparations early and finish during the peak hours of sunlight. One of the best ways to avoid the summer heat. Start early in the morning, or at least plan out some of the most difficult parts of your move at this time. The temperature can be 10-20 degrees lower in the early morning compared to late morning / afternoon. Take advantage of this time to get started. Ultraviolet rays are also not so common at this time (peak hours for them are from 11 to 15 hours), which saves your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Not many people like to get up early, but even less do movers like the intense summer heat and the sun at noon.
  2. Drink water. Perhaps the most important factor to consider when moving in the summer heat. If you don’t replenish your body with enough water, you may experience serious unwanted symptoms of dehydration. Therefore, be sure to bring bottled water with you for yourself and for the movers on the move. To save money, you can also bring disposable cups and ask everyone to use tap water.
  3. Dress properly. First, make sure that you are wearing something made of a light, loose and breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen. These materials absorb sweat and moisture, providing faster evaporation. Try not to wear synthetic fabrics, such as viscose and polyester. Secondly, wear light-colored clothes, since dark colors absorb sunlight much faster. Also consider wearing a headdress (mandatory) and sunglasses.
  4. Apply sunscreen. Be sure to apply a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Consider reapplying through the cream after a few hours to ensure coverage for the whole day.
  5. Cool down. There are few things worse than moving on a hot day if you don’t have air conditioning or any other way to cool down. Electricity allows the use of the aforementioned air conditioning or fans. Another way to keep cool during the summer move is to have cold towels on hand for yourself and your movers. First, fill the container with ice. Then fold and twist a few wet towels and dip them in ice. Soak the towels for several hours. Having these cold towels at hand will help each participant in the moving process to periodically escape from overheating during the day.
  6. Pack strategically: the summer heat can have disastrous consequences for certain items, such as electronics, CDs, food, as well as anything that can melt or deform. Do not forget to pack these items last, unpack them immediately and place them in a cool environment.

If you need help in making a stuffy summer move, hire professional movers! Before hiring the out of state movers check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote. Be prepared to save your money and download and print a moving checklist