5 Ways to Manage Work and Studies Together

5 Ways to Manage Work and Studies Together

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” These words by the famous English singer-songwriter John Lennon have never been more relevant than in today’s ever-changing and evolving world. Most of us have dreams, aspirations, and a vision of how our life should be. Working professionals often wish to switch careers due to a variety of reasons, but they do not always have the luxury to quit their jobs and devote all their time towards gaining the knowledge and expertise required to enter their desired field. Thankfully, today it is easier than ever to manage work and studies together, largely due to the development of and distance learning courses amidst rapid digitalization in every sphere. Still, managing work and study is harder than being a full-time student.

You need to chalk out an efficient action plan that addresses the numerous challenges that working professionals face. Like time management, fatigue, managing relations with friends and family and likewise. Here, we present to you, 5 ways to manage work and studies together

Pick an Online Course with flexible teaching methodology

Needless to say, studying on an online classes app saves you a lot of time, effort, and energy. Next, you should pick a course that provides recorded lectures and the teacher is cooperative enough to go the extra mile for you if needed. Due to the steep rise of ed-tech in India, some of the best app for online teaching has been developed. These provide all the features necessary for a fully flexible online class like recorded lectures, digital whiteboards, automated attendance, and likewise.  Teachers should use such online classes app to reap all the possible benefits that e-learning can provide.

Time management is key

Time is of the utmost essence in order to maximize your chances of being successful in your endeavor while working. You must have a priority list of things on a daily basis. A rule of thumb for effective time management is the Eisenhower matrix. It is basically a simple way of making a priority list, represented as a 2×2 square matrix, that contains 4 cells. It categorizes every task into one of the following four types- urgent & important, non-urgent & important, urgent & non-important and non-urgent & non-important. It further instructs us to do the first set of tasks right away, schedules the second one for the future, delegates the third set of tasks if possible, and try to delete or reduce the tasks that are neither urgent nor important. You must set realistic targets for yourself while allotting time for a particular activity and avoid cutting time on your sleep and exercise as far as possible. Also, you must be willing to sacrifice a bit of fun time with friends and family, take a few rain-checks on weekend plans with colleagues, and likewise.

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Conquer every obstacle with a smart plan

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Making a smart, sustainable plan is you sharpening the axe to chip away at your big goal bit by bit. Make an efficient study plan and track your progress regularly. Remember, that achieving mastery over any concept requires a lot of time relative to learning a concept sufficiently well, so plan smartly and give the required attention to each & every aspect, no more, no less. In today’s world, being a jack of all trades is often more rewarding than being a master of few.

Take regular breaks from your routine

Eat a bar of chocolate, drink water, stretch or go on a vacation, but be sure to take regular breaks between your routine. Both short-term and long-term breaks are essential for you to sustain your routine. For instance, you can follow the 25-5 or 50-10 rule that is to take 5 minutes rest for 25 minutes of study/work or 10 and 50 minutes respectively. Likewise, weekly breaks are also important to avoid burnout and mental exhaustion.

Let your boss and colleagues know

Your employers might be supportive and might cut you some slack. Gaining their support will be a life-saver for you as not only will it keep you from being over-burdened at work, your colleagues could be your best confidant in times of distress on the study front.

I hope that these tips prove helpful to working professionals willing to manage work and study and hustling for their dreams. May god guide you in your quest.