5 Tips For Selecting a Meaningful Gift They’ll Love

Around 68% of people claim they’ve regifted or thought about regifting something they’ve received. Usually, this is because the gift giver didn’t put enough thought into their gift.

So what can you do to make sure your gift isn’t regifted? This article lists 5 points to consider when trying to give a meaningful gift.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

People often assume that people will easily figure it out if you ask probing questions about a potential gift. The reality is that people are much less aware than you might think. The trick is to keep your questions low-key. For example, you might ask if they’ve recently gotten into a new hobby or if they’re looking to make any changes around the house.

If you ask the right kinds of questions, it’s relatively easy to come up with some great, unique gift ideas.

2. Don’t Gift For Yourself

Another mistake that people make when giving unique gifts is that they think about it from their perspective. When you give someone a gift, you need to try and get inside their head and think of something they would appreciate. Simply getting something appealing to you is a sure way to give an underwhelming gift.

Consider what kind of hobbies, interests, and needs the person you’re buying for has. Ideally, you’ll give a gift that has genuine use. Of course, you could also focus on giving a gift with sentimental value.

3. Focus on Meaning

The best gift ideas are based on the meaning of the gift rather than how much it costs. The most meaningful gifts are often relatively inexpensive. To give a meaningful gift, focus on your relationship with the person receiving the gift. Perhaps you can provide something that invokes a specific memory from the past.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, consider checking out some of your old social media content. Perhaps memories of a past vacation will trigger a great gift idea?

4. It Doesn’t Have to be Material

Custom gifts don’t necessarily have to be something material. You can give unique gifts by offering an experience. For example, does your loved one enjoy a certain kind of food? In that case, you could plan a trip to a high-quality restaurant. The experience doesn’t even need to cost anything at all. For instance, you might spend the day out in nature taking in the sights. You can make up for the lack of a physical object to open by making a card explaining the gift.

5. Check Their Social Media

Finally, if you’re struggling to come up with good gift ideas, you can always turn to social media. Lots of people have an Amazon wishlist. If you find one of these, it’s effortless to come up with a gift that your loved one will appreciate. If you can’t find an Amazon list, you might also find some clues on their Facebook page. If you’re still stuck for ideas, check out a site like Nice Gifts Now for inspiration.

Give a Meaningful Gift

If you take the points listed here into account, you should have no problem coming up with a meaningful gift. The trick is to try and get inside the receiver’s head to come up with something significant useful.

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