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5 Tips for Lowering Cremation Costs

Research tells us that the average cost of a burial in Canada costs between $5,000 and $10,000. How much does cremation cost? Well, in comparison, a cremation costs considerably less—on average between $2,000 to $5,000.

Losing a loved one can be a traumatic time and having to factor in the typical costs of a burial can only add to the stress and anxiety felt.

Cremation has steadily become more and more popular in Canada. With reference to deaths, in 2000, 48% of people were cremated while in 2018 that figure stood at 72%. One of the key reasons for this is the cost factor on families. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at five tips for lowering your or your loved one’s cremation costs.

1. Shop Around to Compare Costs

While significantly cheaper than a burial, cremation costs will differ between crematoriums. To ensure that you are getting the best available price, it’s best to shop around and get prices from a range of crematoriums in your area. Get a comprehensive quote that includes all of the associated costs to ensure that you don’t get hit with any unexpected bills later on.

2. Buy Your Cremation Urn Online

As with Tip #1, it pays to shop around. Buying a cremation urn online isn’t only more affordable than buying it directly from a funeral home, you’ll also likely have a wider range of designs and sizes to choose from. In many cases, the deceased person may have a personal preference for their urn so looking around online is a great option.

3. Choose to Scatter the Ashes

Many people choose to have their loved one’s ashes and urn placed in an outer burial container or vault. Naturally, this comes with a fee, which can vary greatly depending on the location and other factors. You can wish to consider scattering the ashes in a special place.

4. Hold Your Own Memorial Service

A traditional memorial service in a funeral home or church will drive up the cost of the cremation. Alternative options are both affordable and can be more personal. For example, you can host a dinner party or a picnic in a public place. You can even organize a family hike and scatter the ashes in a personal ceremony after the cremation itself.

5. Keep Guests to a Minimum

If you do wish to have a memorial service or post-cremation, you can reduce costs by inviting only close friends and family members. Paying for a private function’s space and food can quickly hike the cost of a cremation.

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Follow These Tips to Lower Cremation Costs

While a cremation is traditionally cheaper than a traditional burial, there is a range of ways to further reduce its cost. These tips will help to reduce your cremation costs while ensuring a dignified send-off for your loved one.

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