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5 Sectors Worthy of Investment in Italy to Get Good Returns

Are you looking for a foreign country where you can make investments and get a proper return? Then your choice of country should be none other than Italy.

Why to invest in Italy?

As an investor, this is the first question that will pop in your mind and the one you need to get an answer to. This is a country that has the 3rd largest economy in the Eurozone. Not only that, in terms of global economy, this country claims the 8th position. In other words, this place offers the potential opportunities for investors that can run into millions.  Not just that, the country is also open to foreign investment.

You will be amazed to know that the multinational companies have turned into an important part of the Italian economy. Besides, it also contains more than 11% of total workers. Other than that, the skilled and competitive workforce of the country also adds on to the possibility of you getting good returns for your investment.

So, which are the sectors you should invest in? Here is a quick look:

Manufacturing sector

If you are looking forward to a good ROI on your investment, then this is a country you should absolutely select. You may ask why? Well, let us elaborate the reason for you. When it is about claiming its position in the world economy market, then there are very few countries that can beat Italy. For instance, this country ranks among the global leaders for 935 products out of 5,117 marketed goods. Here is a short breakdown. Italy claims the first spot for 235 products, it has the second position for 377 products, and for 323 products, the country has the third place.

Industry of export and import

Do you know that Italian foreign direct investment grew especially in this sector. It is because in some of the industries in the country; investment in the field of export and import can give you a profitable return for your investment. What are those sectors you ask? They’re fashion, food, design, machinery, and automation. There is also another reason behind the need of the high-end ‘Made in Italy’ products and that is a demand that will only keep on increasing, it is because of the evolving needs of the BRICS countries. It is a group consisting of the countries Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. It is estimated that in a span of just over a few years, the demand for Italian-made goods will increase rapidly.

Renewable energies

The actual war in Ukraine, and the current suspension of gas and oil from Russia, made it clear the country’s dependencies from foreign sources of energy. The government is now pushing heavily on renewable energies, approving the construction of new floating wind farms to be built offshore, and cutting the bureaucracy in all the sector-related projects.

The same happened for installation of domestic solar panels, where no permission is required anymore. Wind and solar renewable energy are definitely the most requested but the government is planning to invest in all the other types of renewables. 


This is an industry which is increasingly taking an important role in the economic development of Italy. In future, this is a sector that will experience developments that are centred around digitisation, space economy, and sustainability. Also, the new technologies developed in the process of research in this industry will open up the scope for using them in other related or indirectly-related industries. Technological developments in aeronautics can open up huge opportunities for you to increase your investments at a rapid rate.

Real Estate

How can a list about investments be complete without the mention of real estate! This is a sector that, since the early times, has claimed its importance. It is true that due to certain factors, the scope of lucrative ROI in this field halted. However, that shroud is slowly moving on, giving people amazing opportunities for exploration. You can actually make your investments in various places that are public, public-invested, and public-private entities. You also get options for different types of investments.