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5 Online Ticket Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It’s estimated that the online ticket industry will reach over $60 billion by 2026. With so many people around the world choosing to buy tickets online instead of in person, it’s become even more important to practice smart ticket-buying tactics.

So how do you avoid a scam? And how can you make navigating ticket sales websites easier?

Here are five online ticket shopping mistakes that are often made, as well as how to avoid them.

1. Using Sites That Aren’t Reputable

When you’re comparing ticket prices online, it can be difficult to know which website is most trustworthy.

It’s always best to purchase tickets directly from the organization’s website or a reputable ticketing partner (like Ticketmaster). If you’re not sure whether a potential ticket site is real or not, contact the organization you’re trying to buy tickets from and ask them to avoid being scammed.

2. Trying to Purchase Tickets without an Account

You’ve waited in the queue, selected your ticket, and are ready to hit “Purchase” only to find out you have to log in to an account to finish your transaction.

This is a common mistake that leads to wasted time, and in some cases, lost tickets! If it’s your first time using the ticketing website, create an account with all of your information and make sure you’re logged in before it’s time to purchase the tickets.

3. Reloading the Page

It’s normal for ticket pages to take some time to load before you’re able to select your ticket options. You might think you’re helping it load faster by refreshing it several times, but this can put you farther back in the queue.

If you’re buying tickets online, patience is key. Avoid reloading the page for better chances at the tickets you want.

4. Forgetting to Check the Details

Whether it’s concert, theater, or baseball tickets, there’s nothing worse than realizing you just purchased a ticket for the wrong venue or time.

Check all the details listed on the ticket sales website to make sure the information is correct before submitting your payment. This includes the date, time, and location of the event, along with any extra information you need to know beforehand.

5. Neglecting to Get to the Website Early

Another common mistake is navigating to the ticket site at the exact time that tickets go on sale. If you do this, there will likely already be a queue full of people ahead of you waiting to buy tickets, meaning your odds of getting the tickets you want aren’t as good.

Aim to log on to the ticket sales website ten minutes early. This gives you time to get into your account and earn a great spot in the queue.

Avoid Online Ticket Shopping Mistakes

Whether you’re buying tickets early or trying to snag one right before an event, avoiding these common online ticket shopping mistakes will help ensure you get the tickets you want. With a little patience and some smart shopping, you’ll be enjoying your event in no time.

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