5 Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Unfortunately, fatal car accidents lead to approximately 1.35 million deaths every year. Even when accidents don’t lead to fatalities, they can cause serious injuries.

As an experienced driver, it’s your job to learn the most common causes of car accidents so you can do your best to prevent them from occurring. So, keep reading to discover five of the most frequent types of automobile accidents.

1. Rear-End Collision

These car accidents usually happen when a driver follows the car in front of them too closely. If the vehicle in front of them comes to a sudden halt, they can’t stop quickly enough. As a result, they collide.

Typically, these types of accidents don’t cause severe damage or injuries. However, sometimes drivers and passengers develop health issues that can become serious if left unnoticed. So, if you are in this type of accident, be sure to get a checkup to see if you have a car accident injury.

Preventing a rear-end collision is simple, as all you need to do is avoid following vehicles too closely.

2. T-Bone

T-bone accidents usually happen at intersections, making them difficult to avoid and extremely dangerous. Often, drivers who cause t-bone accidents run red lights or stop signs. However, it can also occur if a driver makes a left turn at an intersection without giving the right-of-way.

One of the best ways to prevent these accidents is to avoid driving while distracted. But, if you are worried about the negligence of other drivers, you should take your time at intersections and keep your foot hovering over the brake, just in case.

3. Side-Impact Collision

Side impact collisions are common on busy roads and highways, where drivers must merge lanes. If drivers don’t check their blind spots when joining lanes, they may not accelerate enough and crash into another vehicle.

One way to prevent these crashes is to pay attention to drivers trying to merge into your lane. Then, assist them by speeding up if they are merging behind you or slowing down if they try to go in front of you. Moreover, if you’re merging, make sure you accelerate enough, pay attention to drivers, and watch the amount of space you have to join lanes.

4. Fender-Benders

Fender benders are less serious car accidents, but they can destroy your car. Usually, these crashes happen in parking lots or residential areas, where traffic moves slowly.

One of the ways you can prevent fender benders is by paying close attention when you are backing up, as this is when many collisions happen.

5. Single Vehicle Accidents

Not all crashes involve multiple vehicles. Sometimes, drivers run off the road, hit trees or other objects, or slip on ice. Usually, drivers in single-car accidents are going above the speed limit or aren’t paying attention.

If you don’t have much driving experience, you can avoid single-vehicle accidents by keeping your eyes fixed on the road. Also, don’t get distracted, and pull over if weather conditions get rough or you are drowsy.

Of course, no matter what type of car accident you have, you should learn what kind of settlement you can get, as this can help pay for your medical bills.

Be an Experienced Driver and Avoid Common Collisions!

After learning about the most common types of car accidents, you are better prepared to prevent causing any serious crashes. Of course, if you are new on the roads, be sure to get plenty of practice and always follow the laws in your area. By doing so, you’ll become a competent and experienced driver!

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