5 Major Employee Incentives That Can Improve Performance

5 Major Employee Incentives That Can Improve Performance

In order to increase productivity or maintain the good one, you sometimes need to boost your employees. That can be done with some examples or inspirational speeches. The ultimatum is to improve the performance.

You also can think of starting an incentive program for inspiring your employees. But the question is how? Does it always have to be cash incentives, or will other things work? If yes, then what are the things? One of the things is custom crystal awards.

5 Major Employee Incentives That Can Improve Performance 

In case you lack incentive ideas for your employees, here I am for you. Here I will tell you about 5 major employee incentives, which can actually improve the performance of your employee.

Free Lunch

Here is a creative incentive idea for you when you want something to be done. When the productivity is above a certain level, think about offering everyone free lunch. If not for lunch, then having some snacks or munchies will also do great for that mid-day hunger.

Every employee in your company is important to you, so you can not miss anyone. Make sure that you are scheduling the plan on the day when all the employees are present. This way, no one will feel missed out.

A Night Out

A night out is a great way to let your hair down. After you are done with a really difficult project and have been working hard for a really long time, it becomes really effective. After the completion of a project, offering a night out can really improve business productivity.

Allow everyone to have some fun and relax by cutting loose and releasing tension. This will allow your employees to work on the new project with newly filled inspiration. In case you are self-employed, you also need to treat yourself to a night out.

Flexible Hours

At one point or another, everyone experiences work life and home life clashing. This is the reason why offering flexible hours will definitely work. Instead of being forced to take time off, employees will feel more comfortable working different hours at times.

It has the capability of increasing productivity alone. And when you place employee satisfaction on top of it, you will be able to see results much faster. Happy members will spend more time working rather than grumbling.

Special Bonuses

When you want to get more from your employees, special bonuses also work great. In fact, if you try this when a greater amount of work is required, you will be supposed to see the result. What more can you ask for?

Of course, you will not offer it too often, or doing that also will not offer the same result every time. But when it is urgent to get an increment in productivity along with increasing profit, this method can really help you.

Job Promotion

Everyone knows more or less about this. And this is the technique, which works most of the time. Dangling the cheese of a job promotion can really offer the motivation of improving productivity.

When your employees know that there is a raise and a job promotion is attached, they are likely to work really hard in order to get the reward. On the other hand, giving a promotion has another side benefit. If you choose the right person, he or she will take a part of your workload.

Some More

Though I have mentioned all the 5 major employee incentives that will improve the performance and productivity of your employees, here are some more for you.

  • Offer a company car.
  • Holiday parties.
  • Cash awards.
  • Health Insurance discount.
  • Gift cards.
  • Gym membership.
  • Gift cards.
  • Stock in the business.
  • Additional time off.
  • Company potluck.


So, these are the employee incentives that can improve performance. The main motto is to improve productivity, performance, and overall company growth. So, anything that you think your employee will be happy to receive will work here.