5 Major Benefits of Living in Marbella, Spain

I had a girlfriend who always holidayed in Marbella Spain, and I went with her and her family a few times. I know there is a bit of a stereotype to the place in conversation, but in reality, it’s a very beautiful and relaxing place to go I think.

In the end, life is what you make of it, and Marbella is a genuine retreat. It has charm, class, and plenty of amenities to enjoy whether you’re young or old. If you have money and want to enjoy your hard-earned cash, I can’t think of a better place.

So, in this short article, we will touch upon how you can enjoy Marbella with a vacation home, or even live there full time.

The Balearic Charm

I’ve traveled far and wide, but nothing quite matches the original Spanish Balearic charm. There’s a romantic and exciting feel about Spain that doesn’t seem to translate the same if you visit other European countries.

If you move to Marbella you’ll experience this unique charm. Yet, it will be on a more sophisticated level.

Meet Like-Minded People

If you feel you’re lacking a social connection with people, moving to Marbella might be the answer. There will inevitably be many like-minded ex-pats that have had the same idea as you to move there.

To live in Marbella means you’re joining a club in a way, and the scope of personalities that live there is fascinating.

Opportunity to Travel

If you want to move to Spain, Marbella is an ideal location. You’ll be so well connected to travel to other prominent regions.

Malaga is a stone’s throw away, as is Gibraltor if you fancy a touch of Englishness. But you’ll also be well connected with the rest of mainland Europe.

The Weather

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons why any of us would want to live in Marbella is to enjoy the agreeable climate it offers. As I write this article now I just searched the temperature in Marbella in early February and it’s 15 degrees celsius. That’s pretty good for Europe at this time of year.

In the summertime, you’re looking at the 20s to low 30s celsius, which isn’t so hot that you can’t venture out and enjoy the day. I currently live in Thailand, and the temperatures here go way beyond, and it’s almost impossible to go out in the day for a long period.

The Food

Spanish food is hugely underrated. We all know about tapas, but there is so much more.

And of course, it’s a healthy diet you’ll be eating if you embrace Spanish customs, and I recommend you do! Click for more if you’re interested in property in this very nice region of Spain.

Move to Marbella Spain

Marbella Spain has lots to offer for anyone that wants to escape the mundane. You’ll develop a whole new lifestyle. Yet, you’ll also have the choice of cultivating a great new set of like-minded friends.

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