5 Lake Day Essentials You Need For Your Next Day on the Water

Did you know that there are over 1,600 lake sites in the US? You have plenty of choices if you and your family want to have a lake day!

But of course, an outing needs careful planning and the right supplies/equipment. Otherwise, it might bomb.

If you’re having a day on the lake with your family, then you’ll want to make sure it’s as fun as it can be. Read on for 5 essentials you’ll need on the water!

1. Beach Chairs

It’s not feasible to keep standing while out all day. And it might not be very pleasant to sit on sand, rocks, twigs, etc.

Do your family a favor and bring along some lightweight and foldable beach chairs. Some of these even come with cup holders so you can sit around, enjoying the view while sipping on some cool beverages.

2. Bug Spray

While lakes are beautiful, it is still nature after all. And where there’s nature, there will be bugs.

Don’t let the peaceful mood be spoiled by everyone slapping mosquitoes and itching their bodies. Throw a can of bug spray into your bag.

And while you’re at it, put a bottle of sunscreen in too. It’s important to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays!

3. Inflatable Kayaks

Getting out on the lake can offer you incredible views that you otherwise wouldn’t see on land. But hauling a kayak (or two!) can be incredibly hard work. Not to mention, they can take up a lot of valuable space in your vehicle.

You can always rent kayaks once you get to the lake, but not every lake offers rentals. Plus, if you frequently go out on the water, that can quickly add up.

What you need are some inflatable kayaks. These are compact, light, and affordable, so lake days will be more fun! You can find inflatable kayaks at pumpupboats.com.

4. Cooler

If you’re out all day, your family is sure to get hungry, especially if you factor in all the water activities you’ll be doing.

Make sure you have some cool drinks and food so your loved ones can stay hydrated and energized. Remember: you can never have too much water, so make sure to fill it to the brim with some H2O!

5. Sand Toys and Water Accessories

Sure, it can be nice to chill out at the edge of a lake. But sure enough, someone’s going to restless, especially if you have young children.

Pack some sand toys and water accessories, such as goggles, masks, floats, and noodles. Your kids can either swim around with those accessories or create their own water games to stay entertained for hours.

Make Lake Day Fun With These Essentials

Now you know some essentials you have to bring with you when you have a lake day. So grab your beach chairs, bug spray, sunscreen, inflatable kayaks, cooler, sand toys, and water accessories the next time you head out to the lake. It’ll be an unforgettable experience!

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